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  1. P120ph37

    Stock Hand Guard?

    Had the same problem myself. Fixed it by tearing off the stock gaurds and installing the large Moose brush gaurds and plastic. Much better aerodynamics now as well, and on cool nights my fingers don't go numb if I forget to put on my warmer gloves anymore.
  2. P120ph37

    My first big trip????

    75mph will be a lot more comfortable if you get the 16T front sprocket from Jesse. If you are still in the break-in period, you aren't supposed to run it full throttle and you are supposed to avoid cruising at axactly the same RPMs for an extended period of time at least until you are done with the break-in. Other than that, there shouldn't be any problems besides having to stop about 5 times for fuel. Good luck on your trip. P.S. Why the hell are you measuring distance in km and speed in mph? Running a US bike in Canada?
  3. P120ph37

    Off road with DR!!!

    The front tire on my 06 DR650 came mounted "backward" as well. I think that may be some insane "feature" of the deathwing tread design? I mean, it does *look* completely wrong, but I think that may be how it is supposed to be... Don't believe me? Check out the photo on the ofiicial Suziki site: http://www.suzukicycles.com/Products/DR650SEK6/Default.aspx
  4. P120ph37

    DR 650 windshield????

    I have the "Superbike" fairing and windshield from Rifle sitting at home waiting for me to fit it to my DR650. I'll let you guys know how it turns out as soon as I get a bit of time to work on it. Should provide some decent wind protection and look decent too.
  5. P120ph37

    What Do You Guys Wear

    I wear a Coretech perforated leather jacket with pads and liner, blue jeans or BDUs, Catarpillar steel-toe boots Joe Rocket gloves and a full-face helmet. I have Monarch Pass gear on order - how do you like it goblin? How well does it work in the cold/rain? I just rode partway up the local mountain yesterday evening with a cheap (from target) Eddie Bauer rainsuit over my jeans and fleece jacket. I wanted to scout out a ridge trail for a ride today, but only got partway up the hill before my stock DeathWings (TrailWings) and the 2-wheel drive pickup in front of me sliding sideways on the slush-covered-ice reminded me that I should turn around and go back down... Warm, waterproof gear would have been so nice! (the way down was interesting - spent a while with my feet down basically skiing with my bike between my legs... I figure I gotta know the limits of the bike and how it behaves in bad conditions - better to find out while going 10mph 1/2hr from home than any faster or more remote.) -Aaron
  6. P120ph37

    fake dynojet kits

    wow. Worst part is the counterfeit is very hard to identify unless you know what to look for. And all of the jets actually being the same size? You would think that after all the trouble to copy the DJ kit in all other respects that they would at least attempt to copy the jet sizes, although I guess it is easier to manufacture all the same size and just stamp them differently.
  7. P120ph37

    16 tooth sprocket questions

    yes and yes. I did it last week. Jesse is the guy to get the 525-16T from if you are going that route. The sprocket change is very easy and can be done without even removing the wheel. Just a couple of 8mm hex bolts on the plastic cover, 3 screws in the locking plate, loosen up the tensioners all the way and you can slip the old sprocket right off, pop the new one into the chain and slide it on. -Aaron
  8. P120ph37

    Unfortunately I didn't like DynoJet kit...

    The instructions recommend the 160 main jet for 96 and later models. They mention it as a note at the bottom of step 3, and I almost installed the 155 main jet before I read that note. Also DJ recommends that you use a K&N filter for stage 2. The stock sponge doesn't allow nearly as much airflow through. You should also remove that screen from the intake. I would suggest putting in the 160 jet, taking the stock filter and screen out entirely, and running it up and down the block. (no dirty stuff with the filter off!) If that helps, just get the K&N filter and you should be good. The kit comes with a small washer to use with the new needle. I'm not sure how much it would affect the mixture if you left that out, but I installed it on mine and and happy with the results. From the instructions: "2. Install the Dynojet needle on groove #4 from the top. OMIT the white nylon spacer. Install the small Dynojet washer above the e-clip." -Aaron
  9. P120ph37

    Carb/O-ring question

    I'm pretty sure the main purpose of that o-ring is to keep the mixture screw from backing out on its own from vibration. Not sure if it is critical as a seal or not though. -Aaron
  10. P120ph37

    DR650 16t and chain length

    I'm running a 16T from Jesse with stock chain as well. Tensioners went from 2-something to one notch over 1. -Aaron
  11. P120ph37

    Where's the power?

    I have a 2006 DR650 with the DJ 160 jet, modded airbox, stock exhaust, and a 16T front sprocket. I'm 6'2", 260lbs. On asphalt the front wheel lifts off the ground midway through first gear from throttle alone. Not far off the ground, but enough to lose traction. Fuel screw is at about 2 turns. This is my first bike, and in 5 months I haven't dropped it, so I hope you will excuse me not experimenting too much with wheelies yet... Why did I switch to a 16T front? Trying to ride from my place to my parents house in L.A. would make my hands numb from vibration at 75mph with the stock gearing. Putting the 16T on has moved the balancer sweet spot up from 55 to 70 or so, making the ride much smoother. You could have bad gas, perhaps? I know even my crappy old 83 Honda Accord hated Arco (BP) gas. For my bike I only use 91 octane from Union 76. (well I did fill up once at Mobil which is good too but a little more expensive than 76, but never at Arco!) -Aaron