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  1. Good Thats good news because I dont want to have to take this carb out and rejet...LOL
  2. Do you have an FCR ?
  3. I just installed an FCR Kit last week and went out for a fun ride today. I did notice I am hitting the rev limiter (I think) pretty quick if that's what it is. Does that make sense, will an FCR upgrade cause that or is it just fuel starve at high rpm. I dont think I ever hit limiter with the stock carb. FCR has 160 main and bike has full exhaust with 3x3 and k&n Thanks
  4. 10-32

    Vacuum operated petcock vs. standard

    How does the engine fill with gas when a petcock is leaking? Doesn't the needle valve shut fuel to carb off?
  5. 10-32

    FCR Install First ride and thoughts

    i got mine from TT store
  6. 10-32

    FCR Install First ride and thoughts

    I just installed mine and yes same thing with idle, nice to know im not only one. I have aftermarket exhaust, 3x3 and K&N and it still does it. Crazy how much it changes the bike....cant wait to hit the track now!!!!
  7. yes removed pilot air jet. I did not remove engine mounts, didnt see a need to. Cables routed correctly and not binding, throttle returns fine
  8. Just installed FCR 39 kit from TT store using their specs. Carb had 1 turn out on fuel screw so I adjust to 2 as suggested. Bike has full exhaust, 3x3 and K&N 1st of all LOVE this thing ....WOW! Anyone wondering if they should get one, Stop, and just do it!!!!!! My question is when im riding and slow down or come to a stop it seems it slowly returns to idle. Its not real slow but definitely does not follow sync with throttle position if that makes sense....maybe lagging by about a second or 2. Is this just and FCR thing or does it sound like my fuel screw needs adjusting? Thanks
  9. 10-32

    FCR 39 Install vacuum port question

    Thanks, yes I am going to replace the nipple. On another note man this thing is a whole new bike with the FCR 39 swap...wow!!
  10. 10-32

    FCR 39 Install vacuum port question

    Actually did some more searching and did find some threads on people not using vacuum petcocks. So is the only purpose of that thing to keep you from running out of gas and being able to have a reserve?
  11. Hey Guys, I just installed an FCR 39 kit last night on my SM (which was very easy btw, didn't have to move motor mounts and it fits tight but real easy)...anyways, I broke the vacuum port nipple as I was screwing it in, It just snapped as I was tightening it. How important is this part, can I just run bike on prime and not use vacuum port? What is the purpose of the small vacuum operated pump anyway, plenty of bikes run on gravity fed without a pump. Thanks
  12. 10-32

    epicmotosports.com fail

    Same thing happened to me. I ordered and FCR kit from them, never shipped, never responded to multiple emails or calls. Ive Never seen such horrible service in my life. I really wanted to get Eddie to build my engine, I hope he doesn't have anything to do with these guys. I just ordered my Kit from TT store and it shipped same day, Props to them....That's how a real business works
  13. 10-32

    Pitster Pads

    What pad does Galfer make that fits?
  14. But runs fine after its started. This is a kehin 22mm carb on a 50cc 4 stroke. Once it is warm I can start it without either but if I let it sit for a day I need some starting fluid to start it again? any ideas? thanks