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  1. crf_150

    Durhamtown in October

    I'll be there with a crowd of my friends froms school, they'll be a good mix of bike and quads with us but i will be on my 150F #27.
  2. wow, cool. thanks for the article. I know what I'll be doing this evening now.
  3. nevermind guys, i did some reading and found out that all i can do is set the sag.
  4. Hey guys, is there anyway I can stiffen up my suspension without having to buy anything. I know I can add more preload to the rear but what about the front. I'm gonna be riding on a mx track next weekend and If I could stiffen it up a little it would be great.
  5. crf_150

    Definite limit of jumping capability

    I live near the town of Homer, you've probably never heard of it so the best way to tell you is, its about 30 miles north of gainsville.
  6. crf_150

    New woods jump with pics

    yeah, it did have a little bump and I leveled it out about 20 minutes after i took the pics.
  7. crf_150

    New woods jump with pics

    Level what out?
  8. crf_150

    New woods jump with pics

    I still dont have a video but i'll try my best to get one made pretty soon. I may try and set the camera on a chair or something and get a video in a little while. I just thought I'd give a little up date, I've got enough crap cleared out of the way that I was able to hit it in 3rd gear wide open and got pretty high but its definately alot more than my bike wants to handle.
  9. crf_150

    New woods jump with pics

    Theres a good bit of trails in the woods behind the jump. The jump is at the very edge of the woods as you can see. I'm not that worried about the trees, the two you see in the pic are the only ones past the jump, it turns into a field after that. As for more jumps, I'm taking the dirt that I dug out to make this one, along with a bunch more dirt that I have found around here and there and making a pretty good sized tabletop in the field in the next few months.
  10. crf_150

    New woods jump with pics

    The first pic is from the top looking down. Its not as abrupt as it looks. I also did a little more work on the transition after the pic was made. The landing is a gentle downard slope, but its pretty much flat. The only problem now is I need to clear out some more stuff so I can get a better run at it. I'll post up a video as soon as I can get someone to video it for me.
  11. I've been working on a jump the past few days with the help of my cousin so here it is. I'll get a video up soon.
  12. crf_150

    Definite limit of jumping capability

    I get what yall are saying but by landing rear tire first with the throttle on, it sort of puts the bike in a "wheelie" and helps bring the front end down slowly. Personally, I can do better flat landing back tire first than both tires at the same time. yeah, its hard to describe that "oh shit" feeling and the adrenaline rush you get in those situations.
  13. crf_150

    funny goons

    Thats probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.
  14. I was on a track at Broad River last weekend and hit a table top in 5th gear and overjumped it by about 15 feet. So here I am on my trusty 150F, about 8feet in the air and headed for the ground fast. I pulled up on the bars and give it all the throttle it had and landed back tire first then the front came down hard and I thought the forks were gonna blow apart. When the suspension rebounded the bike bounced back into the air. That was the highest I've ever been on a dirtbike and thats the last time I'll try something like that until I get a bike with a better suspension. I just thought I'd share that story.