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  1. steelman

    lets get a 2 stroke to some supercrosses

    Mike are you getting any butterflys in your stomach yet. Dont worry about it. You will do fine. This twitter thing is really exciting too. You can update all your fans all day long. Also just wondering a few stats i.e. how your training has progressed. What weight are you stepping into the ring at and did you come close to meeting your goals. You probably should have taken a B.M.I. to measure your lean body weight b.c. some people through weight lifting are sabotaged by the scale weight b.c. they are actually building muscle but the scale says they are not losing the fat. Best of Luck and Please give all your fans a:banana:s much of that great 2T sound. ( Full Throttle )
  2. steelman

    lets get a 2 stroke to some supercrosses

    Mike, I thought I would post a couple of ideas that might help your weight loss. A diet called the King,Prince,Pauper. The idea is to eat like a King for breakfast, a Prince for lunch, and a Pauper for supper. The school of thought is that you should limit your calorie intake the closer to your sedentary part of day. Another factor is the glycemic index of your carbohydrates, meaning the metabolism rate. Obviously avoid simple carbs such as sugars but also overcooked rice or pasta as it is too easily metabolised. Consider complex carbs not too many for supper. Hope this helps and again good luck in your training and racing Steelman
  3. steelman

    lets get a 2 stroke to some supercrosses

    Mike, Give us an update on how your training and weight loss is going. I would really like to see a 2 smoke out there and I dont think anyone else has the nads to do it. Good luck ' I have a fever and the only cure is more 2 smoke' Good luck
  4. Does any body make a fitted pipe guard for this? Also what jetting changes are recommended? Thanks