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  1. edwardbedrosian

    Won't Start?

    Well guys I changed the plug and installed an edlebrock performer pumper and my problems are over. thank you much.
  2. edwardbedrosian

    Air box replacement?

    I have the stock air box on my 650r and I was wondering if anyone has tried replacing the air box with a filter that attaches right to the carb?
  3. edwardbedrosian

    Edlebrock Review

    I just purchased a Edlebrock pumper for my xr650r from thumpertalk store. I received the carb in three working days. It came with the manual and special instructions on the 650. I took it to the desert last weekend and the carb works great. After a few minor adjustments with the air/fuel mixture it was tuned just right. No more hesitation on acceleration. It also feels like it has more power. Now more flooding on the lay down either. Starts with one kick. It seems like a new bike and I am pleased with dealing with thumpertalks store and the carb. 2001 xr650r, uni filter,uncorked,big gun exhaust.
  4. edwardbedrosian

    Won't Start?

    I tried starting fluid and it still backfires. there is gas in the float bowl. Could it be timing?
  5. edwardbedrosian

    Where to buy Edlebrock?

    Can anyone tell me the best place to buy an Edlebrock Performer Carb for my xr650r?
  6. edwardbedrosian

    Won't Start?

  7. edwardbedrosian

    Won't Start?

    I have a 2001 650r, uncorked, uni-filter, HRC. It has always started first or second kick. I rode it new years day in the desert and it ran fine. I brought it home it sat 40 days. I cleaned the air filter and can not get the pig to start. If I kick her through slow trying to find TDC it back fires. I tried all the starting technics and nothing. I pulled the carb (keihn stock) cleaned it real good and still nothing. I'm due to go riding next weekend and need help. thanx
  8. edwardbedrosian

    xr 650r main jet problems

    Thanks I'll try changing the needle today and let you know. I tried adjusting my pilot screw and I truned it all the way in and there was no change.
  9. edwardbedrosian

    xr 650r main jet problems

    Also I ride in the desert about 3000 feet and 60 degrees.
  10. edwardbedrosian

    xr 650r main jet problems

    Yes to the HRC tip, yes to the opened air box intake and yes to the intake. I have not adjusted the needle and could it be the float level? Thanks for your help
  11. edwardbedrosian

    xr 650r main jet problems

    I have a 2001 xr650r. Its uncorked with a uni filter. I replaced the piolet jet with a 68s and I put in a 175 main jet. When I accelerate it just bogs down. It just goes bbwwwup. I put in a 155 main jet and it runs good. I read where everone runs 175's no problem. I am stumped. Please help!!!
  12. edwardbedrosian

    I called XR’s Only

    I ordered a countershaft sproket and cover. Ordered it from XR's only on the 11th. Paid 16.00 for two day shipping and today it the 17th and I still have not received. I got e-mailed an invoice on the 11th saying the status of my order was shipped. I called them today the 17th and they are looking into it. I just got off the phone with them and thy tell me "We have the parts right here I don't know why we didn't send them. We will ship out today".
  13. edwardbedrosian

    Dies out climbing a hill

    I have a 2001 xr650r running a 68s piolet jet and a 155 main jet. Bike runs good though sometimes when I am climbing a hill it just falls on its face. It acts like it runs out of gas. When I get the pig turned around and headed back down the hill it starts up and runs good until I get it turned around and try it again. I took off the tank and made sure it was clean. Opened up the fuel line and gas flowed good through the line. I pulled the carb and made sure everything was clean and that the float and needle were working right and could find no problems. I am baffled. Please help.