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  1. whoa! thats like 4 hours away, i thought it was closer. i doubt ill be able to get out there.
  2. how far is jacksonville from monroe? when are they havin races? i might go to robbins ridge on sunday for practice,
  3. get a cr500, very friendly bikes, good for the whole family, even the toddlers
  4. yeah, whatd you tell them so you could get a sponsor?
  5. i carry a pool cue
  6. Nice! i cant wait to start racing... ive never raced before, is D class easy?
  7. ok, so i hit a 60 foot finish line jump on the last lap of a practice, when some kid thinks hes evel knieval and jumps it like its 80 feet, so he slams into the back of me and gets his front tire caught in between the muffler and the rear tire. it ripped the muffler sideways, and when he got up he said "whyd you let off like that??" so i cussed him out and he got scared and rode away. i roosted his face when he was clingin onto my bike as he was fallin though anyone know why they banned my other account? im kinda confused...