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  1. Thank you very much!
  2. Hello, Just doing a valve check on a 2016 yz250f. Does anyone have the specs? thanks!
  3. yes the new seats came with new o-rings. I put a little seal grease on them so they went in very nicely
  4. hello, I am having issues with a 2000 gsxr 600. the bike came in with the engine full of fuel. i have a new fuel petcock on the way. I pulled the carbs out and bench tested them by hanging a small fuel tank from the ceiling and an hooked a fuel line from the tank to the carbs. rested the carbs on the bench at the same angle they would be in the bike.. after about ten seconds fuel started coming out of the vent and main jet area. So i installed new needle and seats. Now the fuel only drips from all carbs slowly. Its leaking out of the mainjet/needle area and dripping out of the carb. it acts like the float level was off so i adjusted them all to around 8mm which i think is stock height. And its still leaking! Please help!
  5. looking for a crf110 puller. Does anyone know the thread pitch and size needed? can't find one anywhere. Thanks
  6. hello, Im looking for help with an 09 250. I got a bike im trying to figure out. some one just put a new crank and big bore kit, it has about 20 min on it. It started making a top end noise so it was shut off. . now I need to figure it out. I pulled the valve cover and noticed very little oil around the cams and the chain was just damp with oil, not wet like normal. I started it for a few seconds with the valve over off and didn't notice any oil getting pumped into the top end. I would guess it should make a mess if you start a bike with the valve cover off but it didn't. it also sounded good, no bad noises. looking for ideas where to start looking. is there different head gaskets for other year bikes that would plug the oil port? any input would be appreciated, thanks
  7. Ok so im new to KTM, a few weeks ago i picked up a 2011 150sx. Love this bike for the most part... but the few times a moto when sitting down on the seat in the rough stuff i feel the metal in the subframe smash into my butt and it does not feel good on my lower back. I do stant up most of the time but it that few times a lap when seat hopping a rutted jump face or exiting a rough turn. any one else experence this?
  8. Thanks for the reply! very helpful.
  9. Ill keep this short, im putting a complete 07 tranny in my 08. One of the differences is the 07 doesnt use a neutral swich. The 08 shift drum has a slot to turn the swich but the 07 doesnt. my 08 drum is cracked so i really want to use the 07 drum to save money. Is there a way to bypass the swich? its just 2 wires so it seems like i could leave it disconected or connect them. any input would be great, thanks
  10. i found a low hour 07 complete tranny with all the shifting parts for 270.
  11. yes thats the plan to use it all. Im doing it all because the shift drum cracked and 4th gear has a crack in it. and im not sure if anything is slightly bent so i just feel better replacing everything. Its an A riders bike so dont ask how it happend, i have no idea.. i just fix them ha
  12. Oh boy, i just ordered a complete 07 tranny with shift drum and forks. I checked the part numbers for the main tranny shafts and 08 and 07 are the same...but not sure on the rest of the stuff. we will see if it works
  13. So the tranny in my 2008 crf450r has a few issues. I can find lots of used trannys on ebay but they are for older years. Which year trannys will work in the 08? THanks
  14. Thanks for the the info guys! i got the swing arm bearings figured out. Thanks for the jetting chart i will be checking my jetting soon, i think its really rich now. As for race fuel i dont want to spend the money on it if i dont have to...
  15. Got it fixed up now. Got a custom made stainless washer to fill the egged out part of the right case. it was actually egged out about 1/8 inch, easy fix once i calmed down and thought about it haha. Always chech your swing arm bolt torque is what we can learn from this