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  1. pablo94

    01 Yamaha 426 info

    I bought an 01 426 in Cali. It had 62 hours on it and was very clean. Guy fell off. Got scared, sat on it. You know the drill. I gave 3K since it was like brand new. Not even the grey wire mod or anything. Good Luck. J
  2. pablo94

    WR426 Mods on a 2001

    Hey All. New to the forum and to the WR426. What all mods should I make to mine. Found an 01 only ridden 10 times and bone stock. Runs great for stock, but would like to pick it up. And second, where do I find the a thumperfaq page on this site? I found the one for hte WR/yz250 faq page. Does one exist for the 426?