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  1. Jamie4

    What kind of chain?

    Hi. I plan on putting 14/51 Renthal sprokets on my 250X. What kind of chain should I use without having to use a spacer? Thanks
  2. Jamie4

    Valve Clearence for Stage 2 Hotcam

    O.k thanks. They are purfectly in spec.
  3. Does anybody happen to know the valve clearence's for a stage 2 hotcam off the top of thier head? Thanks
  4. Jamie4

    Where to get black plastics?

    I have another quick question. Probably asked quite a few times but anyway. If I bought a 2006 R plastic kit would it fit my 2006 X?
  5. Jamie4

    Where to get black plastics?

    Well I'd like to have another set of plastics just incase I wipe out and break them. And I'm sure with my painting skills it would be an eye sore.
  6. Jamie4

    Your favourite purchase

    I'm just curious. What is everyones favourite purchase for their 250x. Performance or looks, whatever it is post it here.
  7. Jamie4

    Where to get black plastics?

    Ok Ebay has some for the R models. I might get my hands on them and just scrap the rear light. But first do you guys know if you can fit graphics on thoes Cyrca Powerflow body kits? They don't look too nice without any graphics.
  8. Jamie4

    Where to get black plastics?

    Where can I find good black shrouds and fenders(with the rear light)? I think they look really nice and would like to get some for the 250. Thanks
  9. Jamie4

    Two Brothers Exhaust?

    My friend is thinking of getting a Two Brothers exhaust from ebay. What are your opinion's on this exhaust. Good? Bad? Just let me know what you think of it if you own one. Thanks
  10. Jamie4

    Jd Jet kit and Dr.D exhaust

    Thanks for the input. Like you said better to be rich than lean so Im gonna go with the 165 I think.
  11. Jamie4

    Jd Jet kit and Dr.D exhaust

    Hi. I recently bought a Dr.D exhaust(used) and a JD jet kit and I just would like to know what main jet you guys suggest. Im going to open the air box to JD's specs. It says use a 165 for a more free flowing exhaust. The exhaust that I bought is older and has one of thoes headers that dip down pretty far. So any suggestions for the main jet? Thanks
  12. Jamie4

    Putting in the cam

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Hopefully I won't screw anything up too bad.
  13. Jamie4

    Putting in the cam

    Thanks a lot man. As soon as I can find a torque wrench in this house im gonna tackel the cam. Thanks again
  14. Jamie4

    Putting in the cam

    Hi, I just got my stage 2 hotcam in the mail and I was reading up on how to install it. It says install it with the lobes facing the rear. Does that mean you have the part of the tear drop that comes to a point facing the rear? I know your probably thinking how dumb this guy is but I really don't want to screw anything up. Thanks guys.
  15. Jamie4

    CRF250X has some bog

    Im pretty sure that my bike has a 40 leak jet stock but can't be too sure. What do you suggest for the main jet? Dr.D website says a 160 but I have an older Dr. D exhaust so im not sure if it still applies.