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    Yz/h parts source

    HOWDY I have been building three machines for a couple of years and have had problems locating a intake manifold for the 250 H. There are suppliers that have the old style with the boost bottle etc. but these are pricey and I don't want the plumbing that goes with that style of manifold. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of the boost bottle and most restorations I have seen leave the bottle off. I can fool with the set up and block the fitting but would like to find a manifold with out the boost tube etc. I have the old style but Iam fitting a new Mikuni and think I should go with new rubber for the carb. THANKS and HAPPY NEW YEAR:ride:

    Ultimate xr200

    HOWDY:ride: Thanks for the good intel. I made a little error on the style of my 185. The machine is not an XR rather it is an Xl185s. With the parts I have I can put together two engines and use the Powroll Torque Cam in one. Where do you buy your parts? I checked the Thumper Talk Store but they list "0" quantities on all the parts for the XR200. The only issue with these motors I have is the Cam Well on the sprocket side. I plan to take a few thousands off the rocker cap to tighten up the play and go from there. I'll be boring the 185 cylinder so it will get the 66mm piston, the 200 head and torque cam. The 200 piston and barrel will either be a spare or I'll build a complete spare 200 motor. Anyway I have a vintage twin shock 200 and a Evo linkage 200. All I have to do now is find a parts house that has what I need at a decent price. Thanks Again Happy New Year:ride:

    Ultimate xr200

    My 185 is an 1983 model. Iam not sure when Honda started making the XR200 but I know it was close to that time frame. The question about the switch of the 200 top end to the 185 bottom concerns boring the 185 cylinder to fit the 200 piston and do a make over on the 200 with a cam and O/S piston. It looks like the sleeve on the 200 is a bored 185? Anyway the 185 piston is a far bit smaller than the 200 piston.

    Ultimate xr200

    Since I traded in my XR/200 on a crf/450, I have been trying to get another one that I could rebuild. I finally came across a deal I couldn't refuse. An 02 xr200 and a late model 185 together. I'll do the build this winter and would like some advise. The cam races are worn a bit and I thought I might just use a fine file and take about 10 thousands of the rocker cap. The back of the cam runs in a bushing anyway, so that part is not an issue. I know the proper way is to either buy a new cap and head or plane the cap and have the cap and head line bored. Anyway, I also have an 83 cr/250 with complete suspension waiting to mount and was wondering if anyone had done this switch. Also can anyone tell me about mounting the top end of the 200 on to the 185. I ask this because I might just totally rebuild the XR200 and use the 200 parts on the 185/200 as a spare motor. Can the 185 cylinder be bored to take the stock 200 piston etc. I have many more questions but for the time being I would like to get the engine sorted out. Thanks MERRY CHRISTMAS:ride:

    04 cr 125 no power

    I'll try to help out here. The CR125 is probably one of the best starter bikes out there. However they come from the factory on the "RICH" side. Rich everything. To get mine to run properly I had to pull the Carb and tear it down. Replace everything with leaner jets and adjust the float height. I don't know where you/all live and won't comment on the jet size you need. If you are capable of working on the carb you/all will know what to use. A little trick the CR125 likes is the addition of a Power Core2 and one tooth on the rear. My Son got 2 seasons of Racing/practice out of the top end of the CR125. Along with the settings I also used a standard BR9 plug. If it's really humid you can sometimes get away with switching to a BR8 plug. Your air screw is out to far but the jetting changes will help that. Don't sell the little bike short it will give you years of service if you treat it right. Hope that helps.

    05 Top end

    I just have to add a couple of ideas here. Port work is not a big deal. Just clean up the sharp edges on the transfer port base and polish the exhaust port. Touch up the ports but stay away from the cylinder coating. The 125YZ is pretty much dialed and you/all will get more usable H/P by switching the muffler. The power core 2 will give you more bottom if that is what your after. The bottom line? Your on a 125 and there is not substitute for WOT. No sense messin with the motor if you/all can't ride.

    Yz125 bore

    If you/all just want to punch the pot get an after market kit. That way the stock jug can be put back into service should you not like what you have. If your serious about more CC etc, contact Maxpower. I run the 155 bore/stroke engine in my 06 YZ125/155. It makes a lot of noise when it's idling but once under way it can't be beat. However unless you like spending money for a little horsepower/torque you best stay clear of this sandbox. It will cost at least $1K to put a sleeper in your frame.

    running vp fuel

    We run this fuel in our mixed gas. One must be a really good rider to get any benefits from VP. Anything under 3/4 throttle is a waste of money. Her's a big tip for you. If you need to know the facts about VP go to their web site:thumbsup:

    Mikuni vm/tm

    Iam in the process of building a couple of old YZ machines. I want to install new carburetors in both engines. These are YZ250H and a IT125H engines. The stock carbs are VM****. I am told that the TM version of the Mikuni will work better in these engines. With reguard to the jets. Where can I locate a comparison chart for the jets for both Carburetors? IE-needle jet "Q" verses "R" . I understand the Main and Pilot numbers but not familiar with needle or needle jet numbers. Also is there any little tricks I should know about the different models and is there an advantage for one or the other in these older machines. Which reeds work best in these Carbs. THANKS:ride:

    Vintage Rebuild

    Iam in the process of building three machines. Two YZ 250H and one IT 125H. I am having some difficulty locating Rod Kits for these machines. Iam told Versha make a kit. Have any of you/all used this product and where did you get them??. Thanks

    Max Power 155 Noise

    Thanks for the good advise. The piston is supposed to be new???? I run straight C/12 through it, also drained the tank and ran 94oct. The machine still pulls real good. I'll take your advise and pull the cover to check crank play. Thanks again for your help.

    Max Power 155 Noise

    When all else fails, log onto TT. I just purchased a 08 YZ125/155. It has the Max power BB/Stroker kit. The machine has a noise down low like a bad rod bearing. The noise goes away once your on the track and the bike is strong. From past experience I though it may be clutch but have checked that out and everything is in good shape. The bike starts and idles fine, pulls hard and only makes the raddle at low rpm. Have any members had this issue with the Modified YZ or similar machines. Thanks

    Weight Of 200 Motor

    I live 150 miles north of you. I own the M/X facility just outside Salmo. Which I am turning into a D/S Campground and tour center. I talk to a bunch of your guys with "Dirt Karts" They were going to come up here any face on my Flat track but border hassles blew the wind out of those sails. Anyway thanks for all the advise.

    WHAT is a RFVC200????????????

    Could you put me in your will:worthy:

    WHAT is a RFVC200????????????

    A guy living in the East , 94 years old "Shouldn't" be allowed to own a machine that Nice:worthy: