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  1. yfz450bk

    Yamaha needle position??!

    i have an 05 yfz450, cam mod...170 main, 45 pilot, full HMF exhaust, and im at about 1500 ft. What needle clip position should i have it at and which way do i count for the different clip positions? I can't remember if its 1-5 top to bottom or vise versa. Thanks for the help.
  2. yfz450bk

    DEP exhaust question

    nevermind...found it.
  3. yfz450bk

    DEP exhaust question

    Where can I order a DEP exhaust for a yz125? Thanks
  4. yfz450bk

    YZ125 exhaust and suspension question!

    Nevermind...found it all.
  5. What is the best exhaust for this bike to get the largest low and mid range gain, but not loosing too much on top? What sag height is good for agressive trail and motocross riding? Im asking cause i'm looking into buying one, either an 05 or 06. THanks for the help.
  6. I installed the proarmor kill switch on my 05 yfz450. I did it correctly because I tested it and it worked. After a day at the track I tested it again and it did not work. The wires and ground were still connected good. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for the help.
  7. How long did the doctors say it would take until your 100% again after your shoulder surgery?
  8. yfz450bk

    Me, goon air 250x

    Those hills in the background have potential for being a sick freeride area:ride:
  9. yfz450bk

    Video at Brett's

    i thought it looked pretty good...and that track looks like fun too..good job:ride:
  10. yfz450bk

    Bent rim lip, how do i fix it?

    Yea i thought about heat but i was worried that it would weaken it too much, but since you said you had good results i'll try it.
  11. yfz450bk

    Bent rim lip, how do i fix it?

    Thanks a lot for you're help.
  12. I have aftermarket douglas aluminum wheels and I bent the inside lip of the rim away from the tire(rear tire), since they are aluminum, can I bend it back without seriously weakening or breaking them? If so, what's the best way? Thank's for the help.
  13. yfz450bk

    chick rock

    Dry Kill Logic is an excellent band for getting you pumped up. If you like hard rock, look them up.
  14. yfz450bk

    I murdered a ninja because that's how I roll!

    I ran over an ipod becuase I'm sexy and i do what i want
  15. yfz450bk

    Need a picture or diagram for a presentation!

    No i thought of that, but i need more of a picture. If any one has taken a pic themselves and then imaged in(i don't know the technical term lol) the labels on the real carb picture, that would work. Thanks for taking the time to try though man:thumbsup: