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  1. Picked up my 04 450 sx over the weekend and got to put a couple of hours on it. Man this thing is ruthless and will absolutely wipe my rm250 off the road. It has full FMF Factory 4 exhaust, jetted and has a tad different gearing. This thing has a hit like a 2 stroke and just pulls and pulls and the 4 spd is plenty. Anyone have any other suggestions to do to the bike???? I couldnt be more happier with it!!!!
  2. rm193

    450 SX price

    I am purchasing an 04 tomorrow, less than 25 hours, Full FMF Titanium exhaust and jetted, bike looks mint and only thing it needs is a rear tire. I think I am stealing the bike for 2800. I would think this 04 would bring 4000 on ebay , so I would say your bike is worth 4500-5000 being stock. I am interested in others opinions as well.
  3. CMS so how does your 06 ktm stack up to your 05 YZ smoker??? In a drag race????. I know the 05 YZ 250's are runners .
  4. I dont think adding the gears are in the cards for me. I couldnt begin to do it myself. I just hope this 450sx will at least be side by side with my brother and good friends 98 & 99 CR250's . If not I'll never stop hearing about it. The bike does have full Titanium FMF exhaust not sure how much that helps these bikes, we'll find out soon enough!
  5. Thanks Vanilla. I think I will most likely buy the bike and ride it and put it on ebay, I searched several that were on there without the exhaust that went for high 3's to low 4grand range. I just want to be sure I can spank some 2 strokes with it. With only a 4 spd it must be geared really tall in the tranny, what kind of top speed is there with stock gearing on these bikes>
  6. I have a chance to purchase a mint 04 450sx with full factory 4 exhaust, Jetted, Renthal orange sprockets and gold chain for 2800. First off is this a steal of a deal where I could ride it for the summer and then sell it and make some money on it?? Also my friends currently have 250 2 strokes and we do alot of drag racing how will this 450 stack up against there 250 2 strokes on the back roads??? Thanks for all info!!!!!!