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  1. forrister

    Stoddard Wells

    Stupid hurts. Unfortunately, most of the kids are being taught wrong from the beginning.
  2. Patience is definitely a virtue when instructing a Spouse or GF on how to ride. Like the other guy said, better have chocolates in hand. Strongly recommend if you wanna have a conversation on the way home, that you bring a knowledgeable buddy to take the heat and instruct her. Just my 2 Cents, been there, done that, got the bruises.
  3. forrister

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    Huntington Beach, I ride pretty much anywhere in the SoCal area, If I KNOW about it. Not opposed too longer trips.
  4. forrister


    I knew my statement would be a touchy one. My friends YZ250F is stock from the Factory and yes, VERY Fast. I NEVER expect my KLX to hold a candle to the 426. Just gave my 2 cents from that days ride. I just want my KLX to hold it's own with a very superior 250. Mainly because it really ruffles my friends feathers. When he wins, so what, he's riding a racing 250 and I ride a trail bike. I just enjoy razzing his ego. Kenn
  5. forrister


    My Testimonial: I went to Jerry at FSW and he set me up with what I believe would be a stage1 Mod, pretty much everything EXCEPT the Pumper Carb. Recently rode with some friends at Ocotillo Welles and the little KLX really performed. Hung with the CRF450X all day (by no means do I believe Mine could hold a candle to the CRF450X powerwise) but the terrain pretty much dictated running speed. We did a few dry lakebed runs against each other. CRF450X winner, alittle further behind WR426 with mods, right in front of my KLX and tied with a YZ250F. Back to back runs were pretty much same results. With the Pumper I believe the KLX will dust the YZ250F (stock) and may hang better with the 426. Before any YZ guys get their panties in a bunch, the YZ barely outran me most of the time, so yes, the YZ is faster (but of course I outweigh that rider by 50 lbs, 160 vs 210). It will Wheelie pretty easily, as I unintentionally found out. Before the Mods, I thought I was on a riding a lawnmower, and was seriously hoping it would be stolen from the back of my truck, SO I COULD BUY A KTM. Afterwards, I was more than surprised how torquey the motor was and I am more than happy with the KLX, I no longer drool over the KTM.
  6. forrister

    KLX300 Throttle Options

    Thanks, Bill P. My local dealer said the KX part should be fine. I'll start baiting my buddy now.
  7. forrister

    KLX300 Throttle Options

    Bill P, I recently destroyed my stock throttle and bars so of course I am going to the KX Renthals on my KLX with the KX Throttle and grips. I have never replaced a throttle before but am decently mechanically inclined. It does not seem like a tricky job other than just connecting the cable to the new throttle tube. Are there any tips I should know before I do this? I am just trying to avoid the normal process of 1. assemble incorrectly, 2. test it, 3. disassemble, 4. re-assemble, 5. break something, 6. then get a new one and get a buddy to help get it right the second time around tradition. Kenn
  8. forrister

    Riding near Beaumont/Moreno Valley

    I rode in Beaumont about a month or two ago. Had a nice meeting with the Rangers on site. Yep, ignorance of the law is NO excuse. They did inform us that where we were riding at next to the highway was a Wildlife Area (vicinity Golf Course) evidently I missed reading the signs posted on the telephone poles. No argument here, we were wrong to the tune of $145 each. They did inform us that the whole area is closed to riding, we just happened to be really wrong. I like riding there but I don't think I wanna get caught there when they do decide to finally crack down. Damn shame though, a really nice place to ride.
  9. forrister

    Orange county or people in southern cali

    About the closest thing I've been to is the Azusa San Gabriel Canyon OHV area (only open on weekends). $8.00 admission plus $5.00 for each bike. I't is not very big, especially because I was not even going to attempt the 2nd watercrossing to go under the Bridge, Would have been nicer If I could have crossed (2-3 Feet deep with a rocky bottom). Good area to test setups and probably really good for kids (because you can keep an eye on them, cannot get too far out of sight). Not very crowded either.
  10. forrister

    Beaches close to LA?

    Depending on where you are staying at. Santa Monica has a pretty nice beach and there is a Gladstones nearby (I think). Never been to Venice but hear it is a must see. Completely recommend Huntington Beach, especially if you are anywhere near disneyland or Downtown Disney.
  11. forrister

    05 or 06

    I got the 06 KLX300 as my starter bike. Kinda a Novice here, but getting better by leaps and bounds by every ride. I'd get a left over 05 (if there are any by now) because there isn't a difference between them that will matter later when you begin modding it. On Friday I took my bike to Jerry at FSW. He recommended the Header, Shift Kit, Air Box lid removal (with his jetting kit) and Breather Hose, oh and a larger bore exhaust plug with turndown. Normally I just remove the plug, but some riding areas the Rangers are really finicky. I'll save the pumper for later on when I actually do need more power. The Shift Kit is an absolute must, rode all day Saturday and it never popped out of gear, doesn't seem like a big deal until going downhill. Power increased significantly with his setup and should keep me quite happy for awhile.