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  1. ready fredy

    WR Issues

    Your problems arent that bad as you might think but you might have to spend a few dollars to get it just right. Ill just name the problems that are common and youcan search them further for the fix on this forum ok? Yes the pilot jet is a problem, also alot of the Wrs accellerater never worrked from the factory, causing hesitation or stall, Float height is critical.. Take the carb bowl off and turn on the gas and hold the float up if gas still comes out the needle could be bad or there is a little o ring around the seat that goes bad.no fuel should come out with the float closed, the float could be stuck closed that happenend to me b4 for no reason. The diaphram for the accelerator go bad after time 35.00 Watch carefully the assembly of the slide its decieving unless you have experience with them and the little gasket between the two halves of the slide must b in perfect cond or you will have a hanging idle, Check out the o ring mod also it helps. Happy trails
  2. We all look for a less expensive way to get high octane for less money,and there is alot of talk about 100ll Av gas as an alternative, but here is a warning that i was told from a small airport where i was going to purchase some Av gas and here is a quote from them. They said by law i am not supposed to sell it to you but if you fill a can at the pump i cant stop you BUTT!!!!!!!! if you get caught leaving the premises by the law you will be given a very big fine because the fuel has no taxxes paid its discounted for air planes only hence the very low price for high octane 5.05 for 100 octane ? Come we all know there has to be a catch right? Some of you might be able to reference thiis llaw to farm diesel the same rule applies no taxes!! High Fines and they can tell the differance if they test it!! Just a Friendly warning to consider when you make your choice on fuel, do you mreally think its worth it? Happy riding!
  3. ready fredy

    06 KX250F, No Spark, Need Help

    I have a 08 250 And was having a spark problem and the bike was eating flywheels, But this was lucky because the right side counter weight had broken 3/4 of the way through if the ignition had not gone out it would have been a hand gernade, Take the cover off the flywheel and see if the flywheel is not wobbeling and turning strait i hope this helps
  4. ready fredy

    Ceramic main bearings???

    Hey guys i read in a recently old dirt bike magazine about a national enduro rider that the first thing he did when he bought a brand new bike was to replace the stock main bearings with ceramic ones because the vibration is much less.Has any one heard of these and the life span and if they are strong enough to use in these modern day four strokes? I never knew theses existed!
  5. ready fredy

    Yz vs Wr handeling

    Im building a basket case and i have a 2000 yz 426 and a wr 400 i want to build the wr out of the best of the parts that i have, Im using the 426 motor but i want to know if there is any difference in the frame geometry or handeling between the two, has any one rode these bikes side by side? Im a wooda rider so i want the wr trans mission.
  6. ready fredy

    The best jetting advise i can give! DRz 400e

    Well?????? Today i started up my 03 with the new jetting and i have to say it didnt run as well as my 2000 model with the same jetting specs, it seem a little lean to me right now. I will say my 03 is definetly stronger than my 2000 model though. I guess ill look further into the jetting issues im not all too far off though.im guessing the 38 pilot is too lean as the idle is a little weak. Any advise would be appreciated as there is too much info to go through here and too many different specs to choose from.
  7. ready fredy

    The best jetting advise i can give! DRz 400e

    i agree totally on the exhaust im keeping mine stock my self. but as for the jetting i havent heard of anything else better. This worked great for me no dead spots any where. I bought a moose stage two jet kit and it was a waste of money for me as i still had the dead spot or bog. I didnt know this article was stolen from here first, any way it still is a winner in my book. By the way do you know any better way to get these results any cheaper or better/
  8. Here is the direct link to the best jetting specs i have tried so far and these really do work on the off idle bog also. It removes the octapuss and is pretty much spot on for sea level riding. www.4strokes.com/tech/suzuki/drzadjet.asp Do it and smile:applause:
  9. ready fredy

    Where can i buy shims????

    Thanks guys i just thought at 2 dollars per shim its almost cheaper to have it done somewhere else. If your converting an motocross bike over to a woods bike you can need alot of shims and the bill will run up quickly
  10. ready fredy

    Where can i buy shims????

    is two dollars a shim a fair price these days?
  11. ready fredy

    Where can i buy shims????

    Its been a few years since i last bought suspension parts like shims and shock parts. Where can you buy these today, I like doing my own suspension work all i need is to know where i can buy the parts. I believe i bought my last shims from white brothers years ago.
  12. ready fredy

    Actuall horsepower difference between YZ and WR timing?

    Im in total agreement here with numbers not being the total focus here as when i ride a Yz timed bike all i notice is alot more wheel spin and less control through corners and TRACTABILITY!!!! But with this KLX there are need alot more help than a Wr to get going. Im just not sure weather i should go ahead and buy the web cams or try this mod that as far as i can tell no one has tried yet, best of all its basiclly a free mod as i see it. I do like to experiment with these things.
  13. ready fredy

    Actuall horsepower difference between YZ and WR timing?

    Im getting some very interesting replies here, Some are right and some are off topic, I needed this information to see if this mod is worth doing to a klx 300 im playing with now just for fun, I know the seat of the pants is very different because of the quicker revs but are we talking about a corked up WR or stock against a Yz here. We all know there is quite a bit of power to be found by uncorking these poor bikes from factory set up and those are the numbers im looking for. An uncorked WR against a Yz of the same year. The only problem im looking at is the klx has puney lobes on it compared to the wr which looks to have alot more duration on it.I will only have to change the ACR on the klx to make it work, The number of teeth are the same on the cams since everything is working on 360 degrees this mod will work but im not sure how well yet. Thanks for all of your hard work on this matter. Ive heard alot of people change to Yz timing and ive ridden both bikes and personally i like the wr timming around here in Houston, its all single track around here anyway.
  14. ready fredy

    Actuall horsepower difference between YZ and WR timing?

    To my knowledge the only difference is the yz has the cam lobe retarded one tooth but the lobes are identicle on the 426s im pretty sure. I know the power delevery is very different but im interested in knowing actuall horsepower differences in the wr426 and the yz 426 because im thinking of using this mod on other bikes.
  15. I was wondering does any one know how much horsepower difference is there in the YZ timing and the WR timing in the old 426s? I know the power delivery is different but is different but is there any real power difference that has been measured on the DYNO?