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  1. I would then ask. "Why would you need aftermarket cables, if you've never broken OEM cables?"
  2. Yeah, I'm from real north, right on the Canadian Border in the Saint John Valley Area and just a little south of the Allagash Wilderness. Yes, My BRP is plated in Maine, however Augusta is currenlty asking me for an unplated canadian registration prior to issuing my title. If I do not produce this document they will be placing my registration on suspension status. I don't know how to get this unplated registration as I contacted Canada and no such document exsist. I called and explained my case to DOT and they are adament to have this document. Oh well, I still ride like he11. Talk to you later. Adam
  3. I'd like to know as well, Mine is getting pretty thin and within the next year I will prolly need a new rotor. Where in Maine are you from? Part of any riding clubs?
  4. That's really cool especially if you don't have much land around your home. Would be really good for you urban dwellers!!! Ha!
  5. I didn't see L.L. Bean on the list. Surprised to see that Honda is part of such a contriversal organization. Lost sales will probably result.
  6. It's real easy to take the front wheel off! Take it off and hide it somewhere.
  7. An air compressor will put on the grips without any chemicals. Just place the nozzle under the grip, release some air and slide the grip on. Works every time for me. Since I put them on dry I do not need any type of chemicals to stick the grips.
  8. I'll say the same thing I said 7 years ago. "I LOVE IT!" The 650R is in my eyes the ultimate motorcycle. The one thing that upsets me about the 07 lineup is the lack of dualsport support. In my opinion the 650L is very long in the tooth. Was hoping for a dual sported 650R. Maine has some pretty tough kit laws.
  9. What in the freak was he thinking!!!
  10. What do you mean by explodes?
  11. I absolutely Love it!!! Would love it even more with some black exel wheels and billet hubs anodized in ti!
  12. Is there any other options for springs out there. I looked at race tech and eibach, however would like a few more choices. Thanks for the replies.
  13. Hey there fella's, I've been riding my new 650R and all I've got to say is what a beast! I've owned about 20 different bikes and this is by far the best I've owned. 450x is next on my list. I love this bike however have found the limits of the rear suspension already. I'm a rather agressive trail rider with many roots, rocks, and mud typical of the northeast as my ballfield. What I need is some suggestions on buying a stiffer rate rear spring and where do I find one? I weigh in at a hefty 320Lbs and 6'2" and as mentioned above do ride hard in the woods. Ride height does not effect me much. Please help. Thanks, Adam
  14. Thanks alot for the reply. I'll need to get that fixed as it makes a hugh mess.
  15. The Clutch actuator lever seal on the left side engine case of my 02 BRP 650 is leaking oil. Is the seal replacable without spliting the cases or is that my only option? I did not disconnect the cable yet or mess with anything. It would not make much sense that the whole bottom end would need to be dissassembled just to take this seal out. If anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam