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  1. No it is not caught on anything physically, Is that part exspensinve, and i dont need to remove the motor and split the cases right?
  2. like a false neutral and the gear its it. in*
  3. I had to much but i drained it and out the right amount in, and the shifter is still doing it, i am running rock oil, GRO synthetic.I figured that was the problem but now its still sticking.
  4. I have A 02 Cr250 and just the other day my shifter started sticking, i check the bolt and the placement of the shifter and they both seemed to be ok, i can still shift the bike but once i shift it sticks,any suggestions on what the problem might be?
  5. What do you guys think is the ideal fule mixter ratio fo a 2002 CR 250?
  6. You got any pictures of ur cr with ur ims tank on it>
  7. I sanpped my chain on my 2004 wr 450 and put a crack in the case, it isnt too big. You guys have any reccomdations for a quick easy cheap fix or do i need to get a whole new case?
  8. I need bigger gas tank for my 2002 cr 250. Im making it a woods bike. What brand and size tank do u think i should get. What is the one that look the best on the bike.
  9. My buddy and I are planning a ride up there on friday. Is there a lot of snow in the area.
  10. California

    Me and my buddy were planning a ride up there soon. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any snow that is currently up there?
  11. Is anyone gonna be in stonyford for the halloween weekend? Has anyone been there recently, what are the conditions like?
  12. I have an 03 wr 250 and was wondering what was the size of the stock chain?
  13. I went there for the first time today, and i really enjoyed the MX track ther it was awesome. Just thought i would tell people who have never gone that they should definately go.
  14. So did anyone ride it today, I was supposed to go but they closed because of so many people. I was wondering if anyone was there and how the new mx track is?
  15. Hows the progress on it, they getting close to being done at all?