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  1. Thanks for the info KAS... What about a petcock with reserve...anybody know if one off an EXC or MXC of the year fit my 2002 SX tank?
  2. I've got an '02 SX that has the stock tank....while riding in the mountains a couple weeks ago, I ran out of gas of course it has no reserve and I was out in the middle of nowhere at 11:00pm with bears and mountain lions surrounding me in the dark. What can I do to increase capacity/add reserve to give me warning? I've looked at aftermarket tanks, but don't like the looks of having a huge tank...do the EXC/MXC have more volume? Can I use a reserve petcock from an MXC on my SX? Does anyone sell an "under the side cover" small reserve tank for my bike? I can't seem to find anything like that online. Looking at all the options to give me warning.