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  1. bryant40

    Arm Pump Solved

    When I get injured or take a long while off, then come back, I get arm pump moderately. After riding regularly afterwards and putting in some swimming laps, arm pump gone. Its also a mental thing, relax=less pump.
  2. Head over the bars, standing, ready. Sit in appropriate times, rare for our level of riding.
  3. bryant40

    4 valve or 5 valve

    ! Yamaha!
  4. bryant40

    Best Florida Motocross School

    In 2002 I went to a one-on-one session with Ricky Palmer and made a MAJOR improvement on my riding. He was a former pro and motocross intructor at the time, he also hooked up my suspension. Not sure what he's up to lately, he was located in north Florida at the time.
  5. bryant40

    Agility ? can it be had with a 4strk

    You're kidding that you liked the kdx over the other bikes you listed right? Well, if not, try a KTM 200xc or xcw. Its about as 'agility' as you can get. If thats not enough power, try a bigger bore 2 stroke xc or xcw if you're a strict woods rider. Judging by your unusual love of the KDX, you're probably not going to be suprisingly happy with the stock bikes you've ridden. Take a modern offroad-racing built bike like a Honda CRfX, Yam WR, or KTM XCWs and mod them out to the degree of that KDX. That might make a differance.
  6. bryant40

    Muddiest bikes!

    Not clumpy, too often we get hardpack slick with red/orange waterholes in every corner
  7. bryant40

    Down Hill Panic

    If you've got a lot of runoff area on the bottom of the hill, try going faster than you have before (standing with weight back of corse). Gravity pulls you down, and since you're already heading that way, its in your favor, its actually easy to sail down crazy downhill stuff with a little momentum with a relaxed body. Most people just have downhill fear, like others in this post have said, pretend you're riding on flat ground, just at a different angle. Downhilling can be a lot of fun, look at downhill mountain biking. Virtually no weight on the bikes but they still do some absolutley NUTS stuff.
  8. bryant40

    Lorretta lynns

    Bah! I should spend more time on thumpertalk. I did not know there was a Spring Ride schedueled so I could take off work next weekend. I used to attend the Fall ones a few years ago and they were terrific, rain or shine. Great hills and trail design for any skill level.
  9. bryant40

    Monster Mountain!!

    Hellz yeah! I have not ridden the monster since 2003 when I moved states. Back then it was ill kept unless races were coming up, scary track, very high speeds on big bike. Was fun to row through the gears pinned on a 125, but i'm apprehensive with my new 450. Looks like its under new management and is highly maintained, looks great! I am definatly paying it a visit soon.
  10. bryant40

    07 Crf450r Or 07 Yz450f

    I've ridden both and prefer the 'electric like' motor of the YZ's. The Honda and its unicam is brute-like and very thumpy. Sounds romantic, but for mortal riders like us, I prefer the electric, vibration free yamaha. The honda just feels too big and fast.
  11. bryant40

    how to whip .... ??

    The entire whip is decided at takeoff. There is no 'specific handlebar movment' that you're going to be able to execute while you're floating thats will streighten the bike back correctly for landing. It is one solid whole body motion that begins with the hips and works with the bike as you maintain center of balance. Keeping that center of balance despite the bikes motion and position in the air is how you're going to "bring it back in". This feeling will come with seat tim..seat tim...seat tim...(broken record). If you are getting comfortable with medium/larger jumps, first practice just staying loose in the air. Get flexible loose and comfortable with airing your bike out on a variety of jumps. Don't be afraid to peak over the bars or take your boot off the peg in the air once in awhile. Small steps. People don't do heelclickers just by having the knowledge of "when I take off, I throw my legs over the bars, and then bring them back before I land." Its a progression of feel. You cant teach 'feel' with words.
  12. bryant40

    Remember your first big crash?

    It is bad to have to ride home after an injury. I had to ride back to my house20 mins away after a snapped left collarbone in the cooking summer, ended up having to stop the bike and pass out. A nasty experience, its dangerous to ride alone.
  13. bryant40

    Remember your first big crash?

    First wreck? Noob front end wobble turned to headshake across transfer from hardpack to rocky sand when I was 10 on an XR100 pinned in 5th. Flew superman over the bars and split patellar ligament in two. It was an incredible amount of blood, but nothing 20-somthing stictches couldnt fix. I was back in no time. My folks wanted to sell the thing right away too , but I talked them out of it, and found myself doing that a few more times over the years. Now they've accepted it and have become supportive and understanding of the high risk and inevitable injuries of MX. Makes things a lot easier on the injured person.
  14. bryant40

    06 suspension help

    I'm honestly not sure what the static sag /preload should be, but 33mm seems a little much. I thought they usually landed around 25mm? Not positive though.
  15. bryant40

    Sag tool for '06 YZ450

    I know what a drift punch is, but I don't own one. I will pick one up if its the favorable tool. What makes the drift punch better than a screwdriver or similar shaped device? Because you can get them in aluminum vs. the hardend steel of other tools?