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  1. pobenda

    Is the 2013 WR450F worth it?

    Thanks for the feedback. I probably will give in and get it.
  2. pobenda

    Is the 2013 WR450F worth it?

    So overall it feels like a different, better bike?
  3. I've started off with a 2006 wr450f. My friend sold me his 2009 WR450F and the bike felt different. The 2009 felt more balanced than the 2006. So now I have the oppurtunity of purchasing a 2013 WR450F for a good price and can't decide if it's worth my money to get it. Anyone know if the ride and feel is going to be the same for the older wr450'S?
  4. pobenda

    2005 WR250 carb issue

    Inside the airbox?
  5. pobenda

    2005 WR250 carb issue

    Update. I cleaned the carb and everything seems clean. I changed all the jets and now I think somethings wrong with the hotstart. When the bike is idleing it sounds like theres too much air coming in. When I press the hot start nothing happens. It's like the hot start is wide open. I changed the hotstart cable and plunger and still the same. Why would the bike sound like the hotstart is pressed and when I actually press it nothing happens? Also the bike gets real hot. Hotter than normal where the radiator hose is smoking.
  6. Here's the problem I'm having. My friends bike been sitting at my house for a little over a year and it was not started. He didn't put stabilfuel in it so the ethanol kind of jammed it up. I cleaned the carb as best as I can and changed all the jets. Now when I start the bike it only starts with the choke out and when I push the choke in the bike revs up and down and can't idle unless i hold the throttle a little and then dies. Also the header becomes glowing red for running about a minute. Any suggestions.
  7. I just got a 2009 WR450. I currently have a 2006 WR450. My question is are the parts different between the bikes? I have a factory connection suspension setup on my 06 and want to put it on my 09. I know the part numbers don't match but are different by 1 number. I know the exhaust won't work but I don't want to lose my custom suspension and rekluse core exp clutch. Any answers?
  8. Hawaii rides and competition dirt
  9. I had my Rekluse Pro off my bike for a while now because I kept frying the clutch like 4 times. Had it installed professionally and still fried. Anyone with a 2006 WR450 get their rekluse pro to work for them? Also when I look at the rekluse website it shows that the kit I got fits on a 2003-2006 WR450 but the oem clutch basket and clutch packs are different for a 2003 and a 2006. I think the clutch pack for the 2003 is bigger than the 2006 makeing more slippage for the clutch.
  10. pobenda

    Electric start help

    Is it easy to rebuild?
  11. pobenda

    Electric start help

    How do you check that? I'm not familiar with it.
  12. pobenda

    Electric start help

    I have a wr450 2006 and my electric start sounds weak. I thought it was the battery so I bought a new battery and it still sounds weak. When i press the button it sounds like the battery is weak but it still starts the engine. I can do this all day and it won't drain the battery but just sounds weak. Is this a sign of the starter going bad?
  13. pobenda

    2006 Wr450F Help

    I just switched my automatic clutch back to a manual clutch. When I ride it aroung flat areas the bike is fine, but when I go into the technical areas like hill climbs and bumby terrain the bike starts bogging. I checked the float bowl and it's in specs. Also when i press the electric start the bike sounds like the battery is dead so I bought a new battery and same thing. It will start the bike but it's cranking real slow. Any suggestions.
  14. pobenda

    Revloc help

    This question is for anyone with a 2006 wr450F with a Revloc clutch installed. How many fiber clutch plates are used in this installation? The stock clutch has 8 fiber plates. Does the Revloc require 9? Also my stock clutch uses 3 smaller clutch plates and 4 thicker clutch plates. If you use 9 fiber plates in the Revloc do yoy use an extra thicker lutch plate or thinner clutch plate?
  15. pobenda

    Rekluse pro tuning on an 06 wr450

    You can call rekluse and order some tungsten balls too. It will give you faster engagment.