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    dirtbiking is num 1 bmx is my second football and baseball
  1. Dr250_rider

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Haven't been on this site in years, but here's a kx500, 96
  2. Dr250_rider


    i agree with intense. good set up ive used before on my yz.
  3. Dr250_rider

    Oil strainer. 08 250f

    yeah thats wat i did. juss didnt wana mess anything up really bad. thanks
  4. Dr250_rider

    Oil strainer. 08 250f

    hey guys got n 08 like a week ago and changed oil and pulled strainer out to clean it. while putting it back in i bent the strainer cage while puttin into oil tank. with the strainer being bent inside tank could it be possible that the bike is sucking up more air then oil? cuz the oil was not leaking out of the head to see if i have pressure and there was no drops of oil. it should have the actual quart and and quarter of oil in it and i got nothing. any input? thanks
  5. Dr250_rider

    Best year for KX250?

    I would say the '05 my frend has one and it is very quick i liked it. youll have to ride them all to find out which one is the best.
  6. Dr250_rider

    Give me a brake

    my frend had did this on his 03 250 i tried it and noticed a difference in the stopping power. with the master clyinder and the caliper, it also looks better to. some were there is a thread on the honda front brake system.
  7. Dr250_rider

    Need Help

    first there is bearings in the stem of the bike, the bearings might be seized in there, also could be something else, you should pick up a manual to help yourself out on trouble shootin your bike. also dont get the cylclmar manual not very useful. good luck wit it
  8. Dr250_rider

    decent shift lever

    i have one break off it was stock. i put on a ims one havent had a problem since. just a suggestion.
  9. clarke tank is the way to go.
  10. Dr250_rider

    Help w/ how to bend Moose Racing Pipe Armor

    i did one of these on my cr250. take a pair of pliers start in the middle and pull the curling part of the pipe one by one until they stick out flat. then use the guard and bend it around your knee till u get the proper shape. the guard actually works pretty its just going to take some work.
  11. Dr250_rider

    TurbineCore 2 vs. stock silencer

    yes the turbine core is longer then your stock silencer, but it wont stick out past your rear fender. its only like 3 to 4 inches longer. but you will need that cause it has a spark arrestor and which your stock pipe doesnt have.
  12. Dr250_rider

    " Pics Of My 03 I Picked Up Yesterday"

    nice bike. i like the graphics
  13. Dr250_rider

    How many brackets on tank? '05 YZ250

    that must have been fun, lol. that trail looks fun though
  14. Dr250_rider

    Silencer help

    no.i dont think it will, i have a power core 2 and i sound testedmy bike at my work and im at 95 flat.
  15. Dr250_rider

    Wheres The 2-strokes?

    you can still find them but most of therm are used. which isnt bad, alot of people like the four strokes more, well besides alot of people in this form dont like four strokes like myself