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  1. Outerfroggy1

    yz or cr 85

    well i rode a CR250 and found it was way too big for me to control.. altho it was very light compared to my old CRF230. I always wanted a small two stroke, something i could manhandle instead of vice versa! as soon as i find a tall seat for the 85 and some handlebar risers it will be the perfect bike!
  2. Outerfroggy1

    yz or cr 85

    age is nothing but a number... im 24 and i love my yz85! then again im 5 foot 6 hahah
  3. Is it possible to dye a blue tank to white? or will it just come out baby blue? lol
  4. Well the time has come, after a short and enjoyable 12 months with my CRF230 I've decided to sell her and move on to something bigger... Now now I know what you're thinking a 250 or 450x right? not quite lol. Getting my bike licence on the 15th and a yellow and silver CBR600F4i is waiting for me in 3 weeks (if all goes to plan). Sorry guys I will always love dirt bikes and the little CRF's of course but I was born for a sportbike. Took a ride on a freinds last year and have been drooling ever since. Anyways thanks to anyone who helped me out over the last year, coeshow, ebeck, toneconsultant and others who are a wealth of information on these bikes. Now all i have to do is find an F4i message board! I'll drop in from time to time just to see what honda is doing to the best low maintenence trail bikes on the planet!
  5. Outerfroggy1

    Engine Ticking Noise

    my engine also makes this same noise, however it comes and goes... seems to make it especially when its hot and i stop after a hard ride. fades away after a few flicks of the throttle.
  6. Outerfroggy1

    Brake Fluid Jello

    I flushed my brake lines out with simple rubbing alcohol (40% i think?) and it seemed to get most of the gummed up fluid out, then I flushed a fresh bottle of brake fluid thru the lines but no matter how much I tried the brake lever was completely flat. I gave up in disgust after a few hours of screwin around. A few weeks later I took a look at it again and by some miracle my brakes had returned to normal Not sure exactly what happened, but I'm not complaining lol
  7. Outerfroggy1

    Some Pics of my 230 with Upgrades

    if im not mistaken any year xr400 kickstand will fit, I cant remember exactly what year I ordered for my 230 but it was something in the 1990's. just make sure to order the xr400 pivot bolt, nut and spring as well.
  8. Outerfroggy1

    what oil to use for an 03 150f?

    Mobil 1 10w40 fully synthetic motorcycle oil, 15 bucks a bottle but you could eat off the inside of my motor
  9. Outerfroggy1

    What Carb DO I Have?

    Order keihin long key hex jets for a PD style carb.... as far as i know
  10. Outerfroggy1

    Pictures of your CRF150/230

    Almost finished. Got the moose racing clutch springs in last night. Need to get a cam from coeshow when the taxes come back, then a new back tire and my NGK ignition wire and cap and shes ready to go!
  11. I have yet to find any hill a 230 cant defeat... altho theres nothing quite that huge around here.
  12. Outerfroggy1

    HD clutch springs

    The reason I ask is because I have some moose racing heavy duty clutch springs, they claim to be 15% stiffer than a stock 230. I hope this will help the clutch provide a little more bite as I find the stock feel almost too 'smooth'. This will also help when the cam goes in to handle the power increase.
  13. Outerfroggy1

    HD clutch springs

    How hard is it to replace the stock clutch springs? Does the clutch basket need to be disassembled or removed? Can this be done with 'simple' hand tools and a service manual?
  14. Outerfroggy1

    Anyone found buddy pegs?

    If we could only get a part number for those clamp on pegs!