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  1. All of a sudden my 04 250 is very hard to start when its cold it won't kick over at all. then ill spitt it and try push start twice or so with no suscess but after that i will kick and go without any issue all day??? is this a valve issue?
  2. rxev

    crf 250 r front forks rebuild

    thanks thats what I have done twice now but each time i put them together and taken the bike for a ride it seems to top out on the rebound? bang noise on the return action which worries me. so 39cc is the correct oil level fro standard?? cheers
  3. hi can any one help me, I have just replace both oil seals in my forks, and the manual has confused me with the amount of oil and where to actually put in.when rebuilding th forks.The book tells me 380cc of oil standard total, but this doesn't seem enough? do i need to put a certain amount in the top chamber or all 380cc in the main chamber?? but when i doo i cant even measure the height of the oil. the rest of the assemby is easy just the oil set has me stumped??