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  1. I ended up putting on 1,346 mi. to do a 200mi. ride. It was worth it, I enjoyed every moment of it. No monkey butt, just leg cramps. Well worth the ride from NY and back. Fred
  2. not as funny as it was in the 1950's
  3. I put 135,000 yes one hundred thirty five thousand on m 96 DR 350 and never replaced the drain plug washer. just looked at old log book did 76 oil changes washer never an issue. fred
  4. Doug, I haven't ridden down that way in quite some time. I am in upstate New York. The ride down and back would be fun to do again. Last time stayed in Front Royal. That was on the 1200 Bandit. I think we rode the same area. Let know what you plain. Fred
  5. I still have my B 12 with over 100,000 mi. Picked up my SM year ago March. 15,000 trouble free mi. Get a bigger tank, jet kit, 3x3, and Avon distanzia tires. I didn't change exhaust.
  6. 1, show up with proper gear. 2, follow instructions. 3, if a stop sign is involved take a full 3 seconds after your foot is on the ground 4,most failures happen at intersections. Don't cut corners short. 5, watch following distance.
  7. When I put mine on it 186mi. to resv. and another 20 to empty. I checked three times carrying extra gas. 20mi. max. on reserv.
  8. about the only people that I know that use them ride Goldwings
  9. I have put over 100,000 mi. on 4 motorcycles using Rotella T with no issues. I would use EVOO but can' afford it.
  10. When the youngsters start telling me how good they are I invite them to ride the old 360 Greeves. That puts them in there place.
  11. I ride with ele. vest. Never had a problem.
  12. Wait for the new 1250 Bandit. I just turned 100,000mi, on my 98 1200.
  13. not that hard to beleave, they were in the junk busness before they started wrecking bikes
  14. 58 Got my SM in Feb. Over 8,000mi. four sets of tiers and a few 500mi. days. Not ready to give up yet. My 1200 Bandit thinks I don't ride any more.
  15. Haven't used on the DRZ yet. Used it on the DR350 for 10 years no problems and only had to replace batt. once.