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  1. fred j

    DRZ/SM Ride? Lets Plan One.

    I ended up putting on 1,346 mi. to do a 200mi. ride. It was worth it, I enjoyed every moment of it. No monkey butt, just leg cramps. Well worth the ride from NY and back. Fred
  2. fred j

    YOur BEST Motorcycle Joke!

    not as funny as it was in the 1950's
  3. fred j

    Oil change?

    I put 135,000 yes one hundred thirty five thousand on m 96 DR 350 and never replaced the drain plug washer. just looked at old log book did 76 oil changes washer never an issue. fred
  4. fred j

    DRZ/SM Ride? Lets Plan One.

    Doug, I haven't ridden down that way in quite some time. I am in upstate New York. The ride down and back would be fun to do again. Last time stayed in Front Royal. That was on the 1200 Bandit. I think we rode the same area. Let know what you plain. Fred
  5. fred j


    I still have my B 12 with over 100,000 mi. Picked up my SM year ago March. 15,000 trouble free mi. Get a bigger tank, jet kit, 3x3, and Avon distanzia tires. I didn't change exhaust.
  6. fred j

    NYS Motorcycle Road Test

    1, show up with proper gear. 2, follow instructions. 3, if a stop sign is involved take a full 3 seconds after your foot is on the ground 4,most failures happen at intersections. Don't cut corners short. 5, watch following distance.
  7. fred j

    Clarke reserve range

    When I put mine on it 186mi. to resv. and another 20 to empty. I checked three times carrying extra gas. 20mi. max. on reserv.
  8. about the only people that I know that use them ride Goldwings
  9. fred j

    favorite motor oil

    I have put over 100,000 mi. on 4 motorcycles using Rotella T with no issues. I would use EVOO but can' afford it.
  10. fred j

    Old Guys

    When the youngsters start telling me how good they are I invite them to ride the old 360 Greeves. That puts them in there place.
  11. fred j

    Heated Grips

    I ride with ele. vest. Never had a problem.
  12. fred j

    new bike, bandit , vstrom ,or multistada

    Wait for the new 1250 Bandit. I just turned 100,000mi, on my 98 1200.
  13. fred j

    Thumper Talk Cycles?

    not that hard to beleave, they were in the junk busness before they started wrecking bikes
  14. fred j

    Older dudes

    58 Got my SM in Feb. Over 8,000mi. four sets of tiers and a few 500mi. days. Not ready to give up yet. My 1200 Bandit thinks I don't ride any more.
  15. fred j

    heated vest suggestions

    Haven't used on the DRZ yet. Used it on the DR350 for 10 years no problems and only had to replace batt. once.