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  1. you should have no hesitation buying a used one. In cal. I imagine you could find a lot as well. There are tons of threads and people here who can tell you a good story about a used DRZ. You could always have Eddie build you one
  2. ive had the stock, the low gel, sdg and just rode my buddies seat concepts. the seat concepts is by far the most comfortable on the rear, i prefer the ride feel in the sdg but for pure comfort its the seat concepts hands down.
  3. yes up 3 in back is same as down 1 in front. I have had it up to 93-95 mph , the acceleration is noticeable for sure. it was even fast at 14t but really twitchy and not smooth. much smoother with the 15t. I do have a BB kit and exhaust. I had a stock DRZ with exhaust but no fcr and it still made a difference although not as great. It was noticeable though. Definitely makes 1st and 2nd gear more usable. Doesnt feel like your wringing its neck at 70 either. I would try going up one in front before changing out the back as well just so you can see where its at.
  4. 15-41 seems to work really well for me. i had a 14t but it was very buzzy around 55-60mph.
  5. i would guess you will have to rejet
  6. I prefer stealth. I dont want people knowing where I am at or that I am coming. Also it really annoys the neighbors , wakes up the kids etc etc. That being said I have a full MRD race exhaust because its way better
  7. i'll have to see if he can sell me jsut the tank graphics then
  8. that is actually my bike. the graphics look awesome. I will warn you that that tank graphics bubble due to the tank breathing. They now look awful. just the part on the tank. I dont know if there is some different or perforated graphics that would help . The rest of the graphics look great. just the tank looks discolored bubbled and bad.
  9. those are exactly the videos we want to see lol
  10. thats really awesome man, where are you racing ? i took a class at roadamerica sunday it was a lot of fun. i was much faster in the dirt than I ever thought I'd be. get video next time
  11. i was actually guessing he was in the area for you. your lucky. nice riding though pretty cool. i wish i could wheelie like that
  12. barely saw any cops, and no one called ?? im pretty sure had i made a few of those lane changes I would be in lock up. lol i dont think I could do all that other stuff lol sweet vid
  13. I signed up. Cant wait, looks pretty awesome.
  14. how about these ?
  15. 8.5 US in shoes and boots generally. I am also looking for leathers for track days I am guessing I would be a 38. I am 5'6 160lbs, about 28-29 inseam.