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  1. Well gave it a go and it worked! Only issue I have when crusing at stead speed bike is hunting slightly?
  2. Hi sorry to bring this back up but I have exactly the same problem with my 2002 wr250f with yzf pipe. The only thing i have Tried so far is adjusting mixture screw no difference. Should I just go ahead and try the same size PAJ and PJ? that wahoo tried
  3. Well it appears the bogging is not to do with the AP, as when i hold the AP with a screwdriver so it is not activated while using throttle, it still bogs when i snap the throttle
  4. clark your right, as i have just found out for my self when i removed float bowl there was not one there!
  5. no idea something i shall check, what size is best?
  6. thanks for that. i did try the wire trick and it did make the squirt more powerful and direct missing the rubber boot, but the bogging was still there.
  7. well there is slight bogging, something i've lived with since i've owned the bike tho.
  8. When i look down the carb on my wr400 with Air box removed, the squirt of fuel from the AP seems to hit the lip of the rubber boot join connecting the carb to engine, is there a problem here? as it does not look like it is squirting direclty in to the in-take