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  1. cherrymx

    DR650 oil cooler hose leak - video

    After a 30 min street ride today I noticed the front of my engine was oily - looks like the lower oil cooler line has given up. Is this a common problem on the DR? I just bought it yesterday and it had set in the prior owners garage for several months without being started. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn87fftY0kU&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  2. cherrymx

    Dynojet kit question ??

    Why do you think the James Dean kit is better?
  3. cherrymx

    Another XRL fork spring question

    bump... Any more 170-190 guys running other than stock fork springs in their XRL? $100+ is too much to spend for the wrong springs
  4. cherrymx

    5/32 holes - daves mods - what for?

    I had an XL600R at one time too. I agree - more punch on the dual carb motor, it could be a real PITA to start if I didn't get the start up ritual perfect though. I gave up eventually and sold it to get an e-start. I don't care to kick 4 strokes anymore.
  5. cherrymx

    Old Newbie....New 650L

    I'd say go ahead and uncork / jet it. No reason it should effect the break-in. The sooner you can eliminate the lean cond of the stock set up the better IMO. Hmmm, just realized the previous post is over a year old...doh!
  6. cherrymx

    That kid Ken Roczen will come to USA

    I saw him ride the weekend before the MxoN in Germanys MX masters. Very fast. Smoked all the 450's there too including Nagl. I've been watching the kid for around 3yrs now. I can't wait to see him ride in the US. My guess is he'll have a lot more American fans than any of the French riders that have gone AMA recently. Anyone agree? I'm biased - I'm an American, wife is German, kids are both/speak both. Regardless of his nationality Roczen want to race in the US, its a matter of this year or next and he'll run up front.
  7. cherrymx

    Motocross Des Nations role call??

    I'm not going but I had a chance to watch Ken Roczen race today in Germany - 16 yr old who'll be riding for Germany in the MX2 class. He rode his 250 today in the 450 class and spanked them. This kid is good. I'm guessing everyone will know his name real soon.
  8. cherrymx

    Got this one?

    Anyone have this sticker on thier piggy?
  9. cherrymx

    2006 CRF 230F suspension coil!

    BBR makes one. They're sold a lot of places - denniskirk.com has them... http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/product_catalog/Product.jsp?skuId=588444&store=Main&catId=&productId=p588466&leafCatId=&mmyId=8800290
  10. The US/Canada has an '01 YZ250F. Not sure when they came to Europe. The shock I have is form a Canadian bike. Whats involved in removing the spacer inside the shock?
  11. bump... I'm not giving up yet! Anyone know YZ suspensions?
  12. cherrymx

    2006 CRF 230F suspension coil!

    I'm pretty sure racetech supplies them. Also, over in the TT "off road" forum, the moderator Dwight Rudder races a CRF230 with excellent results. He's good at responding to questions over there too. He'll help you out.
  13. I have a 2001 YZ250F shock that I'd like to use on my '99 YZ125. With the 2 shocks side by side the YZ-F shock is approx 1/2 inch longer than the '99 model shock. Other than that, the YZ-F has high and lo speed adjusters, the YZ just the lo speed. The springs are interchangeable. Will the newer YZ-F shock work on my '99 model YZ? I'm thinking if I put the 125 spring on it, the newer shock ought to work but not sure what the 1/2" will do to the handling. I posted over in the YZ 2 stroke forum but didn't get much. Theres probably a thread out there somewhere that covers my question but I cant find it...If anyone can help me out, thanks!
  14. cherrymx

    Can I use a '01 YZ250F shock on my '99 YZ125?

    Its a shock, not forks. The shock I got on ebay is 1/2" longer than the one I took off the bike. -I'm trying to determine if the shock I took off is the original '99 shock, -Will the '01 250F shock (1/2" longer) work well on my 99 YZ
  15. cherrymx

    Can I use a '01 YZ250F shock on my '99 YZ125?

    vintage, I'll get some pics tonight and post them up for folk to have a look. Thanks