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    boyesen supercooler install - question

    Thanks TiJean. I will continue with the install without the dowel pin.
  2. I'm installing the Boyesen supercooler on my 2009 CRF250X and found a difference between the stock and Boyesen water pump cover. The stock cover has a counter bore at one bolt location to accept a bushing, the Boyesen does not. I think I can just put the Boyesen on without the bushing (all holes obviously line up), and it should still seal with correct torque on the bolts, but I wanted to check here first to see if anyone else has worked through this previously. Thanks for the help/advice.
  3. Sorry guys...I need a bit more help... I checked my service manual tonight for the 2005 crf150f but did not find some of the items you mentioned...at least not by those names. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/3/carburetorschematic.png/ Krannie, I'll assume your suggestion is to replace the pilot screw, not the main jet, slow jet, or needle jet. I'm not sure what the slide plate seal is? Is that the gasket above the throttle valve? I'm assuming if additional air is leaking in that obviously messes with the A/F ratio. I can check the header washer after reinstall (which looks good, but I'll check for leaks), but what/where is the 'hot start'? I'm not familiar with that term. Sorry for my ignorance. Thanks again for the help.
  4. Thank you for the help. I'm going to my local Honda shop tomorrow and I'll pick up these parts and try them out.
  5. Sorry...I meant the throttle valve, not body...
  6. My sons crf150f is not idling well. I took off the carb and cleaned it, made sure the jets were cleaned, etc... I noticed that the throttle body was 'grooved' or deformed a bit where the idle screw contacts it. Could this be the cause of the idling issue? I've reset the pilot screw according to the service manual. I can get the bike to stay running with a pretty high idle rpm, but when I adjust it down it will not stay running. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.