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  1. keep em coming. thanx soo much guys.
  2. thanks for all of your help? lol if ne1 else wanna say sumthin keep the suggestions coming.
  3. i have money saved and then rents are gonna do suin like match what i save. i have experience on a xr400, wr400, crf150,230. ive also ridden an rm80. so i have a lil. i understant the concepts and the basics of riding. i heard that the crf250x gearing is way short and the motor is not all there, other than that ive herd all good bout it.
  4. well my price range is prolly gonna be round the area of 6500 at the most. i wanna do both trail and trakc, mostly mild to moderate trail, im looking for a dirt bike not a street bike. i was thinking 2 stroke 125 or 250. keep it coming..
  5. well i dont like the ttr too much. what about a crf 250, or wr400. ive ridden a wr 400 and i like it. but what are some other suggestions from all of you guys?
  6. Hey, im 16, and weigh like 156lbs if that makes a difference, and im lookin to buy a bike. i dunno wut i should get. i want something with power and good pull. also want the ability to 'throw it around' if you will. should i go 2 stroke or 4? i just dont know! lol