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  1. Just make sure you learn how to crank that bike. It has a sequence that is crucial to getting that bike to run. Once you've mastered it, it is no problem.
  2. Overall, I've broken 13 bones in my body due to this sport that I can't get out of my system...I guess you'd say I'm addicted like most others in here. My most recent injury was last year, which was probably my worst...4th gear through a whoop section and totally lost it. I was carrying enough speed to break my scapula (shoulder blade) completely in half. The tip of it had 3 separate chips as well. I was not wearing my chest protector which has fairly substantial padding in the shoulder area. Probably would have still injured myself with it but most likely not as bad. Took me almost a year to fully recover from that...of course, I couldn't wait to get back on the track! We must be crazy!
  3. After I've been riding long enough to get the engine hot, periodically if I stop the bike to an idle, it will die on me. I've adjusted the idle screw and the clutch is adjusted as well. Have any of you experienced this because it's a real pain in the ass to get that thing cranked again after it's hot. At the track it's not a problem...it happens when I'm woods riding.
  4. I've got an 02 450 and by brother in law has a 01 426...we were trail riding the other day and came out on a gravel road side by side. We both opened them up and mine pulled away through every gear. I actually felt kind of bad for him.
  5. If you could find an 04 for 3000, it would be hot. I have an 02 that I bought about a year ago and I paid 3600 which was the going rate at the time. I would say that 3k is about right now. You may be able to talk him down once you get there. By the way, I love the bike and have had no problems at all...knock on wood.
  6. I own the motojackrack and have had nothing but good to say about it. Never had any problems and it works all the way from a 50 to a 450