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  1. Happy Birthday crazybrit!

  2. Was hoping to find someone in the Portland area who has a KTM 4-stroke with the Trailtech stator/regulator installed. I'm having some issues with my setup and was hoping I could find someone who would be willing to let me take a couple of voltage measurements to establish what is normal. I thought I'd found someone but I've been unable to make contact with him for the past few days. If you have such a setup and have time in the next couple of days please send me a PM here. Thanks!
  3. Any recommendations on other 2000-2006 era 200s (other than the Rev3)? I hear you on the 50 bit (sigh! for some reason I still vividly remember 30). As for the "criteria" you make it sound like I have some massive laundry list which I don't think is the case. I've learned that some degree of patience is a good thing when looking for used bikes Trying to get a handle on pricing so I can get on the gas when a good deal shows. Seeing lots of 2005-2006 era bikes for ~$2500 in the midwest but prices in the Pacific NW seem to be significantly higher. I'm generally averse to shipping bikes and obviously a fly-ride ain't happening but the idea is bouncing around in my head.
  4. Pondering getting a trials bike. I'm 44. Would classify myself as a beginner enduro rider with no previous trials experience. I've read a few comments recommending the 200cc variant of the Beta Rev3. How common is the 200cc in the USA? I did a US wide Craiglist search and came up with about 15 Rev3's, all 270cc. The comments I read suggested the 270cc was too much power for a beginner. Any other [200cc] bikes well suited for a beginner? I'd really like minimal power to begin, I know the right hand controls the throttle but I've done my fair share of whisky-throttling on 2-strokes I can always upgrade to a larger bike, from the pricing I'm seeing well cared for trials bikes seem to hold their value much more than enduros. It would be great if I could spend $1800 but I'd be willing to go upto $2500. thanks!
  5. crazybrit

    Is this arm pump?

    Other option is some kind of repetitive stress injury (RSI)/carpal tunnel which is aggravated by 2-stroke vibes. Professional software engineer so using keyboard/mouse all day. Switched to one of these trackwheel mice when it previously surfaced (KDX era), doesn't seem to have changed much
  6. crazybrit

    Is this arm pump?

    I recently got a KTM 300 XC/W. It's been 3 years since I last had a 2-stroke (KDX220). First half-day ride on the KTM and same problem as I had on the KDX, tenderness in my right arm starting about 4 hours after end of ride. I didn't feel any symptoms of arm fatigue when riding. Now the following day the 4" of the underside of my arm from the wrist up is tender/uncomfortable (underside; as in whats visible palm facing up). Also occasional numbness/altered sensation in inside part of right thumb (part you can tap with your index finger). Left arm is fine. Last time this happened it got so bad that I couldn't rotate my right hand and I ended up getting sent to occupational therapy which was useless. Fixed it myself by not riding for 6 months and it's not been an issue for the last 2 1/2 years I've been riding 4-strokes. I'm seeing a PT at present for a different issue, going to mention it to him but wondered if anyone had any suggestions.
  7. crazybrit

    Power valve spring tool a necessity?

    It's a 5mm square hole. You can make one, 3/16 square stock is easily available at most hardware stores and is a perfect fit. $1.50 for a 12" length. Just need to cut and weld into a small T. Or someone sells basically this for $13 shipped in the KTMTalk classifieds. Questions: Is there a positive stop at both ends of the adjustment range? As far as I understand you are just preloading the inner spring with this adjuster and the further in you go (clockwise), the later (higher rpms) the power valve will actuate. But I could easily be wrong and wouldn't mind a pointer to a good tuning thread (for the 250/300 -- 200 is totally different and already documented here in the sticky). Is there one? I'm trying to tune the hit out of mine but I've read some comment that some people use the red spring and the adjuster backed all the way out versus the stiffer green spring (softer). So it seems there is a lot of overlap and also people have different ideas of what constitutes hit and tuning it .... hence my question on whether there exists a decent tuning thread for springs and adjuster. I waded through a lot of threads searching at KTMTalk but didn't find anything. thanks!
  8. crazybrit

    Euro wiring harness for 2006 300 XC-W

    The 07 450exc harness will fit the 2-strokes? The stator connection etc is compatible?
  9. crazybrit

    Euro wiring harness for 2006 300 XC-W

    Those part#s in post 1 came from a Euro fiche. One isn't available in US (main harness). Also wasn't sure what else was needed, capacitor, battery etc. I was curious on the main harness not being available because, as I said, I know at least one person who bought a 200 XC-W from a WA dealer and they installed all the parts. I thought factory but I'm not 100%. The bike had the weird KTM turn signals.
  10. crazybrit

    Euro wiring harness for 2006 300 XC-W

    I'm aware of this. I have a four stroke dual-sport. In Oregon signals are required (unlike in WA where they are only required during daylight if original equipment). I was asking if there was a CHEAP way to add them. If not, as I said, I won't be bothering as I only want them to be legal linking trails. We shall indeed see what Oregon does, hasn't happened yet but it wouldn't surprise me. I figured maybe someone in WA has the parts and wants to (now) get rid of them cheap.
  11. crazybrit

    Euro wiring harness for 2006 300 XC-W

    This is the two smoke section here, no ;-) I installed a euro harness on my old (now sold) RFS so I know how to do it ... but from my first post above, I'm not sure the parts are available here in the US, was curious how WA dual-sport bikes were leaving dealer with what I was told were KTM factory parts. I was reluctant to ask on ktmtalk as threads on that topic usually get moved to the dual-sport section .... where very few 2-stroke people hang out ... now if I had an LC4 question .....
  12. crazybrit

    Euro wiring harness for 2006 300 XC-W

    What thread? http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=366046 is the bike specific thread in Thumpers but there is no 2-smoke specific thread.
  13. I just bought a plated 2006 300 XC-W. It has the Enduro Eng/KTM lighting kit but no turn signals. In theory they are required here in Oregon. I know Sicass and Trick make complete kits but I was curious if there was a cheap factory/KTM way of adding just the turn signal wiring (else I probably won't bother). I had some friends who bought new KTMs from dealers in Washington with full-dual sport setup and the impression I got was that the dealers were installing genuine KTM parts to do this. I believe the following are the Euro parts but 54811075350 doesn't seem to be available in the US. 80* 59011080100 FLASH. WIRINGHARNESS FRONT 06 2* 54811075350 WIRING HARNESS EXC-EU/AUS 06 81* 59011081100 FLASH. WIRINGHARNESS REAR 06 Not sure what else I would need, capacitor maybe? As I said above, I know about Trick/Sicass/Baja etc etc. I'm asking specifically about the factory KTM parts .... or some other inexpensive way to add just turn signal wiring (plug and play/reversible preferred) to a bike that already has lighting.
  14. I have a 2005 450EXC. I just bought a 2007 450 EXC and am slowly transferring the farkles over. Then I'll sell the 2005. When I bought the 07 the guy said he'd had all the plumbing removed and had it rejetted by dealer .... I was looking for a visible cannister (didn't realize it was buried) and I didn't notice the "valve". So guy was basically confused. I found this useful thread so I can remove the plumbing easily and I can uncork the exhaust. Couple questions: 1) I have 2 stock mufflers that came with the 05. Identical (hex bolts holding cap on rather than the torx on the 07). Is there any advantage to an 05 muffler over a uncorked 07? 2) As far as I understand you need to rejet after you've uncorked the muffler, so I'm skeptical of what rejetting the dealer did? What is the stock jetting? I didn't get a manual. 3) Can I take the JD Jet kit I have in my 05 and use it temporarily. I thought about just swapping the entire carb over from the 05 but I noticed that the 2007 is using an updated part# (2006 part), but I can't imagine this would change which JD kit is needed? Thanks!
  15. crazybrit

    Q: Good practice area near Portland Metro

    Thanks ... I need to practice some figure-8 drills, see: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=921946 plus probably some 2nd gear, lock rear and tight u-turn around cone type stuff.