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    yz250fr problem starting/riding

    hey, I have an 01 yz250f and had a lot of starting problems. I have a manual de-comp. release, if you have an auto de-comp. cam you cant do a compr. test, you need to do a leakdown test. you can get a good leakdown guage off of e-bay, make sure it has the right size fitting for the spark plug hole. I think it should be 10mmx1mm thread pitch. Leakage should not be more than around 10%. you could have tight valve clearance or a worn set of rings. hope this helps
  2. chuckyzf

    Hard Starting 2001 yz250f

    Thanks guys I have feeler guages with both metric/standard (snap-on). I think I will get an 03 cam, I did a leak-down and it is under 10%, which is good. I like the kick starter idea also, I found that when you follow the starting procedure, you are already past the compression stroke and the spark is already gone, the motor has to go around the power stroke,the exh. stroke,the intake stroke, then back up to the compression stroke to fire. I guess I just can,t get the motor spinning fast enough by kicking it, but it will fire right up when I push start it.
  3. Hi, first time posting, I have read a lot about this issue,and I have done all the checks. Valve clearances int. .004, ex. .006, no leakage at the seats.I replaced the piston and rings with a wiseco +.75 comp. installed a 45 pilot jet, went to a 40 lk jet. a new plug, checked the cam timing. the bike will not start when kicking it over, but fires right up when i push start it ? Can anyone tell me what kind of compression readings would be normal for this engine. I checked it without using the de-comp. lever, and I came up with 145psi, and when I use the decomp. and check it, the compr. is only 45psi. I'm sure that is why it doesn't fire. Maybe I need the auto-decomp. cam now that I have a new piston etc. any help would be appreciated.