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  1. etienne

    struggling on straights

    Hold the bike tight with your knees so that you can almost "let go" of the bars and not fall forward or back.
  2. etienne

    Drifting on jumps

    I would check to see if my rear wheel is aligned first and than all is balanced well. It could be the way you position your self on take offs.
  3. etienne

    Crf250r 07

    Hi I bought a new CRF250R 2 weeks ago, i have done about 10 hours on it and two races. My problem is the suspension! I ordered new springs for the front and back, it looks like i will have to wait 2 weeks before i get them. FCR will be doing my suspension with a complete revalve and everything that goes with it. I way in at about 80KG and i know that the manual says the stock springs on the bike is for about 73. at the moment i am just trying to get the front better because it seems very harsh on braking bumps. little head shake under braking. The first half of the front shock stroke is plush but the last half is almost rock hard. Could any one tell me what quick fix i do for now until my suspension gets done. I was thinking of taking about 10ml of front fork oil out!
  4. etienne


    I just want to give you something to think about. I use to start in second gear but i learned my lesson because i ended up coming from the back of the pack when i should be up front. What is important is that you get the jump out of the gate and you get your elbows up, make you self as wide as possible. If you dont get at least a wheels length after 2 meters. You are no where. This is what i do. If it is a up hill start i start in 1st and downhill start 2nd. Depends on the soil or cement start i decide what gear to use. I can not expplain how important that first 2 meters of your race is!!
  5. etienne

    Miss Fire and back fireing

    Found the problem, the wireing was faulty because one of the points where not making contact. REplaced the wireing and all is running now.
  6. etienne

    Miss Fire and back fireing

    Just to answer some questons, I never use the choke on my bike because it starts quick and when it is very hot and use the hot start but only while riding and i stall the bike or somehting. I am swapping out all the electrical stuff today and this after noon i have to go test ride my scoot. If that does not solve the problem i am going to check the valves and stuff butt i am sure the problem is not there because the bike starts easy even if it cold or hot. Thanks for the input guys
  7. Hi It taken me two weeks trying to get my bike to run properly. I really need some help on this one. When i go to my local track and after 4 laps or so the bike losses power and it sounds like it is miss fireing and then some times back fires. Than it will run fine for half a lap and it will start all over again. It seems to be getting worse now. The bike only played up when it got hot but now it right of the start. The bike still starts easy. (two or 3 kicks max and it is running) It seems to idle fine. This is what i have done. Changed Oil and oil filters. Changed the spark plug. I always clean the air filter. Drained my fuel and cleaned out the fuel filter. Stripped the Carb and checked jetting. All clean i set to standard. Air screw is set at 2 turns out and i also tried it at 2 and half turns. Checked the clamps between the carb and the motor and the air box. Checked the hot start lever and and installed and new cable and made sure it was not jamming in anyway. Checked the wireing and made sure that all the plug where clean. That is all the stuff that i have checked on my bike YZ250F 2005 model. Right now i am so mad and i am dying just to get my bike to run properly again. Can any one help me with this issue.
  8. etienne

    Please offer cornering advice...

    Dude, never straigten you knee to it full extend in a corner. Keep it little bent because should you leg hit something with it straight like that you will blow that knee. Not nice and very pain full. Pick you leg up a bit higher the more you lean the bike over. Get your Head more forward coming out of that corner. Have fun
  9. etienne

    arm pump

    relax when you ride and hold the bike with your legs. Also just get you buddy to film you check you technique. cool
  10. etienne

    Whoops...the other side of the fence

    Just looking at the photo, i would jump in. Then again you have to be experienced to just jump into them. When you make your run at the woops select a higher gear than usaul. Jump into and stay on the gas dont back off hold the bike tight with your needs and your body in a attacking possision. (head over bars.) Very important! TRY KEEP THE BIKE AS STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE THROUGH THERE. Once you start loosing your line you will end up in trouble.
  11. etienne

    what position do you keep your feet?

    Carl_KXF250 I know it feels strange but don't think about it to much and just do. You will get use to having to move you foot forward just to get on the brake. Always keep your heel on the foot peg under braking because you will not have any control over your braking if you just wack the brake with you foot. You also need to lean back under braking to keep the back heavy for more traction and dont forget that your front break is there to help you stop quicker too. As you start turning into the corner move your wieght forward. i am sure you know the rest. good like. There is nothing better than SEAT TIME.
  12. etienne

    How many fingers...

    i have always used 2 fingers on the clutch but when it comes to braking i keep my fingers away from the brake until needed because i use to ride with my finger on the brake until i figured out why i was crashing so much. This is one reason why i don't have a finger on the brake when i am not using it. My friend had the camera with him because i was working on my technique at the time. My local track has the section that goes through a river bed and as you jump down in to the river bed you will shift from 4th and 5th gear and pin it! you will hit the ski jump and fly through the air for about 30ft and land in soft sand. as i was about to get up to the jump my bike started swapping, i got off the gas a little and pinned it again. While going trough the air i held the bike so tight with my knees trying to straighten it out and at the same time i was holding on to my bars for dear life. I came to a dead stop in the sand as i landed and got flung of my bike. ("when you get up and you have to practically hike back to you bike that's when you know you got lucky") I watched the video of my crash and i could clearly see in my panic state and holding on as tight as i could i also pulled the front break in. this solved a a lot of problems for. If i never had a finger on that front brake i would landed just fine. Something to think about when you go riding next time
  13. etienne

    Corners And Jumps!!

    Nope they just need a little more gas because of the extra weight. I ride a YZ250F and some times ride my friends YZ125 and the 4stroke is by far easier to ride but the YZ125 does not need as much gas to clear jumps. Stick with the YZ250F and once you can keep that guy on the pipe all the time then move on.
  14. etienne

    How to get better!!

    As you land from a jump in to a corner. get on the front and back brakes at the same time. Don't break so hard that you bike is like skiding all over the place just hard enought so that it slows down with out a skid. Only lock up the back if it is really nessary but remember the front brakes are the best when it comes to stoping quick. But not to much of it or you could be picking your self off the track every time. oh and lean a little back while you are on the brakes.
  15. etienne

    YZ250F Range

    well if this will help. i get about 80-90 kilometers on a tank and that riding at moderate pace.