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  1. Its from the kick start days. Lots of E models get kick start kits, if you put the manual decomp on the head, the stick fan doesn't fit. I used a PC fan....
  2. To get past the test just up then idle a bit using the adjuster screw. You may want to check the valves at some point soon because that may be an issue. More importantly be safe out there.
  3. I would replace the plot and all the jets but especially the pilot. After you drained the carb and cleaned it and tried to start it was there fuel making it back into the carb? Also try removing the furl line from the carb and turn the petcock to prime. Fuel should flow freely like that. Stick with the fuel delivery until you are 100% sure it's not a problem and them move on.
  4. Lube it up well and hit all the electrical connections with dia-electric grease. That will help.
  5. I just dealt with him on some parts and it was a little slow but I got it all from him and he was responsive. I think he is basically by himself right now so he is slow to get back to people compared to bigger places but I got everything I needed and he answered all my questions with no issues.
  6. Retail is $11.55 and $11.90 for 40 and 50. My price would be: $10.20 for 20 50 http://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/motor-oil/motorcycle/20w-50-advanced-synthetic-motorcycle-oil/?code=MCVQT-EA $9.90 for 10 40 http://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/motor-oil/motorcycle/10w-40-advanced-synthetic-motorcycle-oil/?code=MCFQT-EA Not sure on shipping and all that.
  7. I sell it to my buddies. If you wanted it all you need to do it let me know. I would give you my price (+$1) plus shipping. I normally have it dropped shipped. But yes they are stupid....
  8. Yea over 50 its not your pilot jet. The needle or most likely the main to too rich. put back in the stock main and try it out.
  9. I am running it 20W 50 I think it what I have in it now. I run it in everything I own, Truck (F250), Harley, Wife's Honda Shadow, generator, etc... Never had any issues.
  10. When did it run before that? Maybe you have some old gas or something like that? When it runs can you keep it going with throttle or will it just die?
  11. Your on the right track. Also remember to just "squinch" them down a little bit. Use some blue locktite and your good.
  12. Chain should be fine, not too many miles on it but check chain and sprockets for wear. Go over everything and change your oil. Its easy to fix little stuff now. What kind of trip is this??? Just kidding, you will be fine after a little while. Thanks for the help. You should bring basic tools, master link or 3 and a chain tool, tube, etc... Normally if you bring it you will not need it.
  13. Death Wings are OK for fire roads or dry conditions. In the sand, mud, etc... You will spend a lot of time picking your DRZ back up....
  14. Normally you lose paint, blinkers, bars, shifter or brake, lever (clutch or brake), etc... In a bigger crash you can lose the fender, tank, sub frame, etc... Not sure of the savings really but I would keep what you have and put a little away for upgrades and keep your stock parts to put on if you drop it....
  15. You will not gain much. I would go stock size and put it all back. If you gonna upgrade you want to probably get 1 piece valves when your doing the top end.