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  1. dnicky

    Knee and Wrist Brace

    I have knee and wrist problems and have been see by Doctor for both. I want to get CTI braces but my DR. can't prescribe (employer) does anyone know of a Dr. in the LA area that is sypathetic to the needs injured Vet? (rider)
  2. dnicky

    Passing tricks ( how to get by)

    Thought you may have missed this http://www.amamotocross.com/article.php?UID=Oy8f02FHczLqiAbjQytKkBZhkwr8Tt&sc=1003&aid=7582
  3. dnicky

    Marchesini Maintenance

    I am thinking of getting these wheels for my 06 yz 450...how much time did it take to fit them and what did you have to do? I want an easy transition from SM to MX and back