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  1. Okay, I'll go first! Is English your second language?

    New tat!!

    Getting a tattoo for me would be like putting a bumper sticker on a Lamborghini! Waste of money and time! Already heard of all the bullshit reasons to get one!

    Riding in Jean NV and state line

    Shoot me a PM when you get here or a good friend and riding partner of mine runs a tour business and won't break the bank if you want to go that route! Tell him Pete sent you! http://220offroadtours.com/Release/Pages/Home.aspx

    Looking for someone to ride with

    Shoot me a PM when you are here. A good friend and riding partner runs a tour business here and won't break the bank if you want to go that route? Tell him Pete sent you. http://220offroadtours.com/Release/Pages/Home.aspx

    07 rmz450 piston rings, install position help

    Okay, didn't quite see what you we're showing in the picture but now I do. Never seen a ring like that before although I have only used OEM or Wiseco and neither one of those ring sets look like yours? Maybe your manual shows a picture of the ring. My "05" manual does. I also checked an old piston of mine that I saved before I posted and my ring does not look like yours either?

    07 rmz450 piston rings, install position help

    On the OD of the ring both edges should be straight cut. On the ID one edge will be slightly beveled and the other straight cut. The beveled edge faces up.

    can the average rider be this good!

    The riders in this video obviously are very good! However this video is highly edited and stitched together only showing mistake free almost perfect riding... which doesn't exist no matter how good you are!

    Hard Enduro in America

    I was on Facebook for awhile years ago. A couple of old girlfriends from high school showed up and one of them was calling me by some of my old pet names and making comments about visiting her and getting "caught up" with things. My wife knew exactly what she meant and got pissed off! So rather than pick and chose I just shut my account down, Lol! One of the dangers of social media!

    Hard Enduro in America

    +1. I don't do Facechat, Instabook or Snapgram either!

    Memory lane is now open

    TS185 I bought brand new in High School. Top picture was with all the lights, mirror, speedometer and tachometer. Bottom picture the bike was stripped. Back then you only needed a brake light and mirror to be street legal. Most of the time we would take our mirrors off too and the cops usually never noticed. The "74" 360 Enduro I bought right after joining the Navy! Both great bikes! I stripped the 360 down for flat track.

    North Las Vegas

    I have the bike jetted a little rich as we often ride in 100+ temps. I replaced the pipe with a ProCircuit because the OEM kept cracking at the spring eyelet. The new pipe did mellow the bike on the low end which works better for me in the desert. Then there's my style of riding. I'm usually up a gear and slowly roll the throttle on and off unless I'm familiar enough with the trail to get on the pipe and stay there. But you're right about the silencer! It's a 2012 SX with about 150 hours on it so it's overdue!

    North Las Vegas


    Anyone riding around Las Vegas

    Lots of rest breaks today! Only recorded about 8 minutes of today's 35 mile loop. Dan on his KTM 450XCF hasn't ridden in six months! He's a good rider but today I think its was a fitness issue rather than a skill issue. It was a fun ride today and perfect temps!

    Hwy. 14

    Most states require the radar units to be calibrated periodically and traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards Technology). If the calibration was expired at the time you were cited you can get out of your ticket.