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  1. Rode with Sunny today! He's an ex-pro motocrosser that rode out of Texas years ago. Hard to keep up with him sometimes. My secret weapon... he would stop once in awhile because he doesn't know the trails all that well!
  2. Rob bought Andrew Short's KTM450SX-F 2014 practice bike. He drove all the way to Medford, Oregon to pick it up a few weeks ago. He got it minus the factory suspension but the exhaust and engine are supposed to be racing team original. I took it for a spin and was amazed at how mellow and controllable the bottom end to lower midrange was. When you twisted the throttle though at midrange it took off like a rocket ship. It would act almost like it was carbureted because it would just keep pulling when most FI bikes start to go flat on the top end and was silky smooth. I'm assuming it still had the racing team mapping as it runs completely different than my 2015 KTM450SX-F. You can catch a few glimpses of it in the videos. It's the bike with 337 numbers. Rob will be the third owner of the bike since it left the racing team. Jason Weigandt had it for awhile and then sold it to the guy Rob bought it from.
  3. Slow easy ride today! Smashed finger needs a little more healing.
  4. Rode with Kevin today! He's pretty fast when he wants to be! In video 04 I had a little minor tip over after getting cross rutted in a tight sand turn. Smashed my pinky against the slot canyon wall a little over half way through in video 06. The finger tip of my glove filled with blood so by the time we had got back to the truck it had dried and had my pinky glued to the inside of the glove. Still had some water in my back pack so I kept soaking it until it came loose. The damage doesn't look as bad as it feels in video 07. Still bleeding a little and throbbing this morning!
  5. Brett hasn't been on his Husqvarna 300 for awhile. Every time I looked back he was coming out of the dust trail! He was new to most of the trails we were on. Brett is a machine!
  6. A riding partner of mine has the same bike as mine. He put a Trail Tech 3 position map switch on it. It has a "Mild" "Stock" and "Wild" setting. The 2015 came stock with 3 different maps but without the KTM or aftermarket switch you can only use mild or stock by plugging/unplugging the performance coupler under the seat. His bike screams in the "Wild" setting and in the "Mild" makes the bike very mellow for technical stuff.
  7. The battery is original and over three years old so it's not cranking the motor as fast. Also, I have not changed out the fuel filter since the bike was new. The 2015 KTM 450SX-F is electric start only. Glad it finally fired up in video 02 after it flamed out!
  8. Apex! Northeast of North Las Vegas. It's not my favorite place to ride but it's about 15 minutes from my house. The guys I usually ride with have been going to Searchlight/Laughlin almost every weekend now sometimes both Saturday and Sunday which is a 3 hour round trip commute just to get there. There's good riding down there but every weekend... they're off the rails! When I ride solo it's usually Apex and I stay within a few miles of the truck and ride a lot slower.
  9. Found another section today!
  10. Race Tech 4CS fork modification on the 2015 KTM450SX-F. I like the bike now!
  11. Rob's 2015 KTM450SX-F (fuel injected) Pete's 2011 KTM450SX-F (carb) Raymond's new KTM300 XC-W (carb) Kevin's ... whatever!