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  1. We rode Kyle Canyon again today. What a fun ride! 73 degrees when we started and two hours later about 85. Had recently rained so no dust! Was a little off my game today but kept everyone in sight. Raymond KTM 300, Rob BETA 300, Brett Husky 300 and I was on my KTM 250.
  2. Looked at your profile photos and saw the government forestry vehicle! Federal (BLM) or state? Is your question benign? If you work for the government and asking off road questions I don't trust you!
  3. A place called Kyle Canyon before you get to Mount Charleston just outside of Las Vegas. Mount Charleston peak is almost 12,000 ft. There is a natural spring in the middle of the desert which feeds a wild grape vineyard! First video is a little long if you don't like desert riding. In video 01 we run across a mountain biker about 6 miles in from the staging area. He was by himself and looked to be in his late 40's early 50's. Temps approaching 100 plus. Couldn't tell if he had water. Asked him how he was doing as I went past him but he didn't respond? Afterwards I thought maybe I should have stopped to make sure he was okay?
  4. We do have some high altitude (12,000 ft) riding here in Las Vegas (Mount Charleston) dodging pine trees. I generally prefer the 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear desert floor (2500 ft) high speed stuff!
  5. Ha! Ha! I'm just a semi-talented idiot!
  6. 2010 four broken ribs vertical row right side, punctured collapsed lung and partial separated shoulder. Chest tube and catheter, blood thinners for a week. Back on the bike in a month. 2016 six broken ribs two pairs in three different locations left side. Punctured collapsed lung. Chest tube but no catheter, blood thinners for a week. Back on the bike in a month and a half. 2018 two cracked ribs under the right armpit. Back on the bike in three weeks. Try not to sneeze or cough! Lazyboy recliner is your friend! If you ride fast it's not if but when! Over and out! 62 and still twisting the throttle!
  7. Kyle Canyon today! On our way to the "Vineyard". There is a natural spring that comes out of the rocks and there is a large vineyard growing off some small cliffs in the middle of the desert below Mount Charleston.
  8. Sounds like an inside job. One of your son's so called friends or riding associates as you stated. I think in this case METRO has a good chance of tracking them down.
  9. In the second video we had to stop to tighten the handle bar mounts on Terence's Husky. They were BRP mounts. Terence bought the bike off of a guy in Colorado that was an FX rider. I just happen to have the Torx to fix the problem.
  10. Terence! Good riding with you again today after all these years! Surprised to see you on a Husky and that you also own a KTM now. The orange and white kool-aid isn't so bad right? I'll have some videos up later this evening which includes your loose handle bar mount incident, Lol!
  11. In the first video at the very end I tried to tell Rob something was wrong with his rear wheel. He just yelled back at me that it was his tire. In the second video... yes, it was his tire! The bead broke and his Mousse Bib came out!
  12. Yesterdays ride North of the tracks! Welcome to Doug a new rider! He rides a 2017 KTM 250SX so he gets to bypass the new rider probation requirements and does not require a resume! Lol! Doug was a good rider!
  13. Bill will be missed! Rode with Bill a lot of years! He was a great desert rider! He recently passed away from cancer. He was usually on a KX500. Towards the end of this video he was asking me if we had ridden a different trail in the same area as we hadn't been back here in awhile.