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  1. steed

    VDR Vet MX Series?

    Pete, Don't forget to include these classes for the Vet MX series: 1. Trail bike - working headlight required, horns recommeded 2. Sumo / Supermoto 3. Kids bike / pit bike. Adults on pit bikes - this one will be fun 4. Bicycle - any pedal bike allowed - this should be one moto for one lap maybe at the end of the first set of motos when the track is worked in, right after the sumos. This race should be free - no fee and no trophies. 5. Sidesaddle race - this one's a little dangerous so no jumping should be allowed. 6. Others?
  2. Hey Pete, You gonna have a Vet motocross race series like you've done in the past? Three races in late summer? Dates please? If you do, will you consider a pricing scheme that makes signing up for more than one class more, well, cheaper? I suggest $30 for the first class, $20 for the second class and $10 for each additional class. You'll get a lot more people signing up for multiple classes which will increase your revenues and increase the number of racers in each gate, which makes the racing more exciting for racers and spectators. Also, your costs don't really go up if each rider signs up for 2 classes instead of 1. So, instead of getting $35 for a rider who signs up for 1 class, you can get a lot of riders who spend $50 for two classes without any real additional costs. More revenue per rider but with only a tiny increase in costs (if any). I would sign up for 3 classes, but I won't spend $105 to do it ($35 each). I would, however, spend $60 to race 3 classes ($30+$20+$10). That would be a great day! Please let us know what you think. Thank you for considering this!
  3. Why does it cost so much for one RMEC enduro entry? $70 plus $10 for a one day membership? Could someone please justify these costs? They seem pretty high to me. I'm willing to race a few enduros this summer between all of the other stuff I do, but I am discouraged by the high price. Thank you!
  4. steed


    I recommend you put a map on your home/main page showing your race locations. Make the map so that viewers can click on each location and get schedule and location info with one click from the main page. Your locations (close to Denver/Ft Collins/Co Springs) for this series is your competitive advantage. WeBe and RMEC are great race series's, but gas will be over $4 a gallon this summer. Driving 4+ hours each way to a race with high gas prices will not be very popular. Your customers can drive 1-2 hours each way instead and save time and money. You should reinforce this advantage with your website. Us Front-Rangers have been looking for a summer HS race series that is close to home for a long time. Thank you for bringing it! Let's make it a success - tell all your friends to get off the couch and race!
  5. steed


    What will the rider number requirements be? We will need to know these requirements soon so we can order new numbers for our bikes. I have two opinions on strict rider number requirements: On one hand, strict requirements are good because it allows all racers to know what class the other racers on the track are in. No need to battle with someone not in your class. On the other hand, strict number requirements can discourage new racers or cash-strapped racers from showing up because they don't have the proper numbers and/or color scheme on their bike. Since you'll be using transponders, I recommend you allow temporary use of stick on numbers.
  6. steed

    VDR hare scramble 2010

    I totally agree that $12 is way too high for spectators. My girlfriend and non-racing buddies would come out and watch more often if the spectator fee was $5. That seems fair for what a spectator gets. It would be way more fun for us racers if we had more spectators! I recommend a flat $45 fee for racers (we currently pay $47 with gate fee) and a $5 fee for spectators. I would bet that overall revenue would go up after only a few weeks when the $5 word got out. More spectators, more concessions sales, and more future racers that would come out and watch and get tired of being a spectator and decide that racing would be way more fun than watching. I'm not trying to bag on the great VDR guys - I love this race series and you guys do a great job! But this is a forum. My opinion here regarding fees is shared by all of my riding buddies and occasional spectators.
  7. steed

    VDR hare scramble 2010

    Swap Meet at April VDR Hare Scramble: Don't forget - Pete said we could have a swap meet / garage sale at the last (April) Hare Scramble of the season. If we can't race, we can clean out the garage. Gather all your unused parts and gear and bring them to the last race. Might be a change to get a little cash for all those unused parts collecting dust in the corners of your garage.
  8. steed

    COHVCO thougths, ideas and concerns

    I just contributed $25 to the Colorado Trails Preservation Alliance. I've been putting this off for too long. You can also: http://coloradotpa.org/ Website for COHVCO: http://cohvco.org/ The AMA: http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/ These three organizations are, in my opinion, the "minimum three" for us Colorado dirt bike riders to join. If all of us riders made the choice to join and contribute, we could watch our access issues dissappear.
  9. steed

    COHVCO thougths, ideas and concerns

    $25 is too expensive? GIVE ME A BREAK! $25 is $2.08 per month. Fifty cents per week! Environmental groups are well funded and organized. Off Highway Vehicle clubs are poorly funded and poorly organized. I'm not tying to diss COHVCO or any other of these great organizations. I think they do a fantastic job with their limited resources. I am a member of the AMA, COHVCO and I plan to join the Colorado Trails Preservation Alliance. I also plan to renew every year until I die. I don't even ride the trails that much - I mostly ride moto and the VDR hare scrambles. But I want there to be trails left to ride when I get more time in my "twilight years". I challenge every one of you to make the choice to join these organizations - give them your membership dues so they can adequately represent us and defend our trails. If enough people join and stay active, we can watch our access issues dissappear. You have the money, you just choose to spend it on other things. $0.50 a week for COHVCO. It's worth it. Or you can use your $25 to buy a dirt bike game for your XBOX, because that's the only riding any one of us will have available.
  10. steed

    VDR hare scramble 2010

    For Daryl the NOOB - search YouTube for helmet cam videos of previous hare scrambles races. Use search text like "VDR hare scramble" and "Berthoud hare scramble". Arrive at 9 AM on race day to get a good pit spot then ask your pit neighbors for advice. Everyone at the VDR HS races are great, supportive, helpful people. You'll have a great time. Welcome and race at VDR often!
  11. steed

    VDR hare scramble 2010

    I would be willing to give up the trophies and plaques in favor of having transponder scoring. I've got plenty of VDR plaques - I don't need any more. I value the lap times and race time information much more. If I'm going to race around a track for 2 hours as hard as I can, I want to know where I'm at. Not knowing what position I am in makes it impossible to strategize about when to gas up and how hard to push. Also - If I place second, I want to know how close my lap times were to the leader to know if it's even possible for me to win. Having this info keeps me motivated all winter long. If I'm only 20 seconds behind my next competitor, I'm going to push to try to pass him - that's what racing is all about. If we don't know where we're at, then we're not really racing. I would also be willing to pay more for transponders / lap times / etc. $5 more seems reasonable. I can't wait to hear the negative feedback for this one. $40 for 2-hours on an awesome, long, groomed VDR track is still a bargain. Research your racing options and you will quickly see that the VDR hare scrambles are an absolute bargain. Maybe there are other transponder scoring systems available? Maybe they're cheaper? I would really like it if the great folks at VDR researched this. Maybe WeBe can lower their price? I'm sure that equipment has been paid for many times by now? Maybe WeBe can sell it to VDR? There must be lots of options. Wait until VDR tries to score manually when it's muddy. That will be problematic. Thoughts?
  12. Rode VDR / Berthoud / Valley Dirt Riders on Sunday 8/1/10. Awesome track conditions with excellent track prep including plenty of grooming and watering. The crew at VDR are really stepping up their open riding days. If you haven't ridden there lately - I strongly encourage you to check 'em out again soon. Also - the hay / straw / corn stalks / whatever they are adding to the soil really seems to be helping the track hold moisture and improve traction. This stuff needs to get worked into the soil more in places, but something is definitely helping the soil conditions and traction at VDR. Thanks VDR crew for the excellent conditions and service!
  13. I lost my pipe guard at Valley Dirt Riders, VDR, Berthoud on Sunday 8/1/10. If you found it, I'm willing to offer a reward with a return. This guard was brand new - just getting melted properly to my pipe. This is the carbon fiber, Moose / Eline carbon fiber pipe gaurd for 2 strokes. Come on - This guard won't fit your thumper anyway - so I would appreciate it very much if you send me a private message so we can arrange a pickup. I live in Denver and ride all the nearby tracks and race the VDR MX and Hare Scramble races. Thank you very much!
  14. Hey VDR Pete and Terry, Are you hosting a hare scramble race series for 2010 / 2011? If yes, when will you be posting the race schedule? My friends and I are looking forward to this great race series. Please let us know - Thank you!
  15. I also vote for having a Hare Scramble at VDR every month including the summer and have the races start earlier in the morning. 8 months is not enough for me. I love racing motocross and hare scrambles, but I don't like being stuck at the mx track and waiting all freaking day while 18 different classes of kids on 50's, 60's, 65's, 80's, 85's, 85 big wheels, school-boys, etc, etc race and take up track time. Call me selfish, but I like racing for more than 4-2-minute laps for a total of 8 minutes - then waiting for 6 hours for my next moto. Pete - can you be sure to schedule at least a few Vet MX races this summer? How about a GP motocross event where we race for 60 minutes on a course similar to the hare scramble course? Or how about some true 20-30 minute mx motos? Most of us old guys are just getting warmed up after 10 - 20 minutes.