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  1. Mudthump

    2007 DR650 will come in BLACK!!!

    So I should be able to get that black front fender I've been wanting ? (2004 DR650)
  2. Nope. Just rented ones.
  3. Mudthump

    Teach me about aftermarket bars. DR650. (06)

    Another question (or two). If you go with a "high bend" bar and dirtly risers is there any problems with the length of any control cables, etc. ? Also, with a 7/8" bar will any standard handguards easily install ? Thanks !
  4. Mudthump

    2006 DR650SE at 1600 miles

    Definitely do the dynojet kit - it totally transformed mine - it lofts the front wheel willingly and I lost the surging/hunting it was doing at partial/half throttle. It will also make it run cooler by removing the lean condition that suzuki has to engineer into it to pass emissions. As far as break-in, I should really read the manual on that. I have been riding the piss out of mine and it only has 630 miles on it. Whatever - it had its initial service work done at the dealer and I'll change the oil often.
  5. Mudthump

    DR650 Rejet - Float Question

    UPDATE Pulled the bike back in the garage last night - no gas smell this morning. I will try to start the bike later - hopefully it will fire right up like before my mods (not with the "frozen engine" symptom). Actually read the manual and saw that the petcock shouldn't flow without the bike running. I was wondering why no "OFF" position like my previous bikes with petcocks. So since my bike has all of 630 miles I would guess that I jumped to an incorrect conclusion regarding hydrolocking it - I didn't leave it in the PRI position. I will definitely replace the petcock with one I can manually turn off. As far as the oil being high - I do notice that 20 mins after shutting off my sight glass bikes the oil is higher than when I recheck the next day. I figured is was just that the oil contracts a little when cooling. Who freaking knows. Thanks all for the input.
  6. Mudthump

    DR650 Rejet - Float Question

    It did actually start without pulling a plug. The oil looks a little high now but the engine is warm - I'll check again cold in the morning. I may just change out the oil tomorrow as cheap insurance. Thanks for the insight - I was in second gear on pavement with knobbies (MT-21). I simply put it back in and did check that it operated freely but didn't visually confirm that it was operating the gas valve properly. I would have known if it filled the air box because the side cover is off and I would have had gas on the garage floor. Thanks dude - the mystery of hard starting deepens. It has never failed to start before this incident. Is there a decompression valve on this bike that might I have dislodged/gotten stuck while messing with the carb ?
  7. Mudthump

    DR650 Rejet - Float Question

    Figures my first post is due to a snafu Here's the story - installed the dynojet kit last night - '04 DR650, sea level, fourth notch, 160 main, K&N + foam prefilter, airbox side cover off, drilled the slide, stock exhaust. None of those details have anything to do with my question. The bike smelled pretty badly of gas this morning and I figured it was due to the airbox being opened up. No biggie. Off to work all day and then when I went to take it for its maiden flight after work - it won't turn over (started fine last night after putting it back together). I thought it was the battery but upon trying to bump it down my driveway (steep) it just locks up the wheel and I weigh 195lb. I must have turned the engine over just a little because now I tried the starter again - it fired real weak and then cleared right up. Maiden voyage = the rejet totally transformed the bike and did its first wheelie unintentionally (14T) In retrospect I think that the float was stuck and I filled the cyl. with gas overnight. The battery was fine and fully charged confirming that it wasn't a lack of juice keeping it from starting. SO - is there any trick to re-installing the float ? I took it out when the bottome of the carb was out and just stuffed it back in ? Thanks for the help