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  1. I'm trying to figure out what the differences are between the 690 Duke, 690 Supermoto R and the 690 SMC. I had a DRZ 400 SM with some nice mods. I loved it around town and in the twisties. It sucked on the highway though. Any insights and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  2. Where's the cheapest place to get one? BTW, I've seen different prices for different DRZ models. What's the story with that? Thanks.
  3. DubbleRNR

    UFO Assembly and Rear Rack

    Will the UFO assembly interfere with putting a rack on the rear fender of a SM? It's my understanding that the UFO slightly raises the rear fender because it fits between the fender and the fender support.
  4. I was reading the January 07 MCN and came across their annual Performance Index. The index shows that the DRZ 400 SM has a stopping distance of 137.4 feet from 60-0 mph. There's about 300 bikes on the list and it has just about the longest stopping distance. Why?
  5. DubbleRNR

    Which DR (Dual Purpose or SM)?

    Thanks for all the info guys!
  6. DubbleRNR

    Which DR (Dual Purpose or SM)?

    Valid point ccman60. I don't have much experience with either of these bikes. I'm having difficulty coming across a used SM in my area and I have money that's burning a hole in my pocket ;-). There are many more DP bikes on the market in my area. If not racing or riding the bike on the track, I was wondering what the difference were.
  7. DubbleRNR

    Which DR (Dual Purpose or SM)?

    Yep, that's me in the avatar. Why?
  8. DubbleRNR

    Which DR (Dual Purpose or SM)?

    Which is the better route and why? This will be strictly street. Do I take the knobbies off the DP and replace with a more street oriented tire or just go with the SM? Here's what I'm currently doing: commuting (@ 5 miles highway, @ 2 miles twisty county park and @ 3 miles urban jungle), twisties (@ 30 minutes highway to reach them), the rare jaunt to the beach (@ 60 minutes of highway riding) and "horsing" around in the parking lot.
  9. DubbleRNR

    DRZ for longer trips?

    Any pictures of your seat? How much was it?
  10. DubbleRNR

    DRZ drivers from northern New Jersey wanted! :P

    Still looking to purchase a used one, no luck yet. Cedar Grove.
  11. DubbleRNR

    What Are The "Must Mods" for DRZ 400 SM?

    OH! That bike I saw had a Suzuki gel seat. The stock seat seems torturous. What are the seat options, Corbin and Suzuki gel?
  12. DubbleRNR

    What Are The "Must Mods" for DRZ 400 SM?

    I'm not intersted in the bling so much. I'm more interested in performance and practicality. For example, how are the brakes? I'm big on brakes. I hate having to squeeze the shit out of the lever to get any performance. Perhaps braided lines, brembo master? Or are the stock brakes sufficient. I also saw a bike on ebay with a small rack on the back tail that had an average sized soft tail bag attached. I don't need a ton of space but I like to carry an extra shield, rags, tire guage etc.
  13. DubbleRNR

    Finding a DRZ 400 SM

    I go to ebay, cycle trader, supermoto junkie and this site. With the exception of a craig's list or local want ad press am I missing any sites?
  14. So, I just sold my FZ1. I had it 4 years and have to say that it's probably the best "all arounder" I've ever owned. I sold it because my riding circumstances have changed. Each year I'm doing more and more track days (on my R6) and riding less on the street. I also teach the MSF BRC and ERC and have 2 kids. These factors have also contributed to my diminished street riding. My street riding primarily consists of short, backroad trips (1/2 day), commuting to work (@ 10 miles each way) and the very rare trip to the beach (@ 60 miles via highway/1hour away). I should note that my half day trips sometimes consist of 30-45 minutes of highway riding to get to the twisties. And my work commute consists of about 5 miles highway, 2-3 miles of twisty roads through a county park and the rest urban jungle. I'm this close to getting a DRZ 400 SM. I think this bike fits my riding needs and was wondering what are the "must mods." Thanks...
  15. DubbleRNR

    Finding a DRZ 400 SM

    Why is it so hard to find a used one? This is the largest online community for it, correct? Yet I hardly see any for sale. Any suggestions for places to look? Thanks...