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  1. If you're going to do a lot of woods riding, go with the Z Start Pro. Cal at Full Travel Innovations (www.ftiracing.com) did an off-road project bike for Dirt Bike Magazine and it had the EXP, but we ended up switching to the Z Start Pro. The EXP works great on a motocross track, but in the woods they seem to give trouble. If you haven't ordered one yet, let me know and I'll help you out on it. I own a shop and I'll be glad to ship to you. www.davidsoncycle.com
  2. Where would I get VMware? and what is it? haha
  3. Did anyone ever find a way to run the KX Racing Software on a 64 bit Windows 7 Operating System? I still can't change my bike from the setting I was running this winter. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Tyler
  4. I tried that.. but it says everything is up to date. I'll try and figure out more.. Thanks!
  5. What do you mean, update it?
  6. I'm having the same problem.. I just spent $1600 on a new laptop with windows 7 and can't get it to recognize the driver software for the ECU controller. I really hope there is a solution! If anyone finds one, please keep us posted!
  7. I love the Wiseco PK kits.. they come with the piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips, and a top end gasket set including valve stem seals. Very convenient and the pistons are great. I do my top ends every 50 hours and my pistons have looked nearly new every time. Usually the coating on the side of the Wiseco pistons doesn't even show any wear!
  8. One set of fork guards lasted me a full GNCC season and are still going.. I did have graphics on from day one, but i'm not saying that made a difference..
  9. Pro X Pistons are stock pistons, they're made in the same factory. JE Pistons are the ones to stay away from, but anything from Wiseco or Pro X is good. CP Pistons were having problems for a while, but they should be back to the old (good) quality part now. (Pro Circuit also sells JE Pistons as theirs)
  10. Kawasaki KX Racing Software part number: 99999-0240 Retail is $515.00 and it's applicable for 2009-2010 models Hope this helps.. Oh, and were in NC do you live?
  11. I would invest in the RG3 triple clamp set if you're going to do mostly woods riding. They made a huge difference in steering. You may also want to try the Neutech TuBliss system, they say the weight savings is great and very noticeable. The biggest weight saving you will probably have will be Titanium spring, Aluminum sprockets, and replacing the stock silencer. Or if you want to get really into it.. take your frame to a welding shop and have the welds ground down and tig welded. You can save up to a pound just by doing that.
  12. You will need to buy the full kit, I have the part number and will post it later. You can't purchase individual parts of the kit from Kawasaki, or at least that's what Kawasaki told me when I called to get an extra ECU Controller.
  13. Jeff, what class do you ride?
  14. I have a full stainless Leo Vince exhaust system, that lightened it a little from the huge, heavy stock silencer. I also have a Titanium shock spring. The spring alone is around 2lbs and I use Renthal sprockets. Other than that, mine is probably heavier than stock because I run the IMS oversize tank, Flexx bars, RG3 triple clamps, Michelin HD tubes, and various other not so light parts. I'm a pretty big guy though, 6'3" and 240 so the bike doesn't feel so heavy for me. The woods I ride are a variety, I race the GNCC series which is mostly four wheeler wide, but I also do some local hare scrambles that are single track trails. I did a local race in Virginia, where the local racers were running 26" handlebars and I was one of two 450's to show up. In that race I could really tell my bike was almost too big and heavy for those really tight switchbacks. What all do you have done to yours?
  15. I ride my 09 KX450 in all of the GNCC's and local hare scrambles and stuff.. My advice to you is: Get a stainless header, the Titanium ones are so easy to bend/puncture/dent. Get RG3 20mm offset triple clamps Suspension setup by Full Travel Innovations (www.ftiracing.com) Buy the Kawasaki KX Racing Software so you can tune your bike, it's really easy to do. (Most people like the hard riding surface map) Fastway Steering Stabilizer and handguard system. I have a ton more stuff on my bike, but these are the basic needs for the woods.