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  1. mhaskell

    My completed xr300 project!

    The paperwork is already in process for plates. Still needs a DS kit to be registered in mass.
  2. mhaskell

    My completed xr300 project!

    Bike is for sale, $1600. Email me, mhaskell at gmail.com
  3. mhaskell

    Is this XR250 worth it?

    Not sure how far from mass you are but I have a 2001 XR250 for 1800. 300cc big bore kit and every upgrade you can think of. http://providence.craigslist.org/mcy/2510035604.html
  4. mhaskell

    Bored XR250R question...

    Wow that bike has some big dollar parts on it. i would pick it up at that price.
  5. mhaskell

    where to buy 200cc or bigger engines?

    luckily I have a Tig welder (and can heat treat), so thats not an issue.
  6. mhaskell

    where to buy 200cc or bigger engines?

    Thanks but I am pretty much set on this idea- I do not race at all, just woods riding. I had a CRF230 that I loved engine wise, super quiet air cooled 4 stroke, can idle and chug along all day, bullet proof. The suspension and brakes were just not great at all. I also had a perimiter frame CR125, which had an amazing frame,suspension, and brakes, but the engine left alot to be desired when it came to the type of riding I do. It feels so much comfortable and responsive in tight woods riding, but a pain to keep the revs up in slick conditions or mud.
  7. mhaskell

    where to buy 200cc or bigger engines?

    I dislike 2 strokes, they are loud and not great in the terrain I ride (very tight woods, slow speed). Plus I think it will be a great project, the CR has factory connection suspension and a great chassis. The existing engine has lower end problems and is pretty much worthless as several hundred dollars of parts are needed to fix.
  8. mhaskell

    where to buy 200cc or bigger engines?

    I can't find any complete engines on there, they are come without carbs or exhaust...but that may be the only option
  9. Hi All, I am looking for a 200cc or larger engine. A xr200 or CRF230 clone would be perfect. Where can I buy a complete engine (carb, electronics etc) online? This is going to be transplanted into a 2002 CR125 chassis btw.
  10. Looking for a stock 230 silencer/muffler, if you upgraded and have a stocker lying around please let me know. mhaskell@juno.com