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  1. The paperwork is already in process for plates. Still needs a DS kit to be registered in mass.
  2. Bike is for sale, $1600. Email me, mhaskell at gmail.com
  3. Not sure how far from mass you are but I have a 2001 XR250 for 1800. 300cc big bore kit and every upgrade you can think of. http://providence.craigslist.org/mcy/2510035604.html
  4. Wow that bike has some big dollar parts on it. i would pick it up at that price.
  5. luckily I have a Tig welder (and can heat treat), so thats not an issue.
  6. Thanks but I am pretty much set on this idea- I do not race at all, just woods riding. I had a CRF230 that I loved engine wise, super quiet air cooled 4 stroke, can idle and chug along all day, bullet proof. The suspension and brakes were just not great at all. I also had a perimiter frame CR125, which had an amazing frame,suspension, and brakes, but the engine left alot to be desired when it came to the type of riding I do. It feels so much comfortable and responsive in tight woods riding, but a pain to keep the revs up in slick conditions or mud.
  7. I dislike 2 strokes, they are loud and not great in the terrain I ride (very tight woods, slow speed). Plus I think it will be a great project, the CR has factory connection suspension and a great chassis. The existing engine has lower end problems and is pretty much worthless as several hundred dollars of parts are needed to fix.
  8. I can't find any complete engines on there, they are come without carbs or exhaust...but that may be the only option
  9. Hi All, I am looking for a 200cc or larger engine. A xr200 or CRF230 clone would be perfect. Where can I buy a complete engine (carb, electronics etc) online? This is going to be transplanted into a 2002 CR125 chassis btw.
  10. Looking for a stock 230 silencer/muffler, if you upgraded and have a stocker lying around please let me know. mhaskell@juno.com