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  1. If they want to ride they will find a friend that has bikes and no parents if they dont have there own bike and rules they know will be enforced. My daughter has been riding since she was 6 she knows the rules. :applause:
  2. Me+2 and new tires
  3. 1 motorhome flat,1 mean gash in skid plate, 1 yami flat front tire, 0 falls, 1 HELL OF A GOOD TIME. weather man was kind again Dave must have good conections. Thanks Don
  4. Services for Dave will be Monday the 22nd at 1:00 PM at the Oakdale Memorial Gardens in Glendora, Ca. It is located south of the 210 freeway. East from the 605 or west from the 57 exit South Grand and go south past Gladstone to the entrance. I hope any one Dave has touched to be there and let Becky and Melonie know hope much Dave touched all of our lives. Great people sometime leave us way to soon and he was one of the greatest. He has been a very special friend for so long and we talked about so much. He would not want to hurt any one of us by his passing so lets be there to have a great day saying see you for now to our best friend. A ride day is being set up so stay tuned. I will need alot of help. Any question's please respond or call if you have my number. I do not have a home phone number. And no one has been at the house this week. Lets give the guy with a heart bigger then those hands the goodbye he should get. I will miss my friend. GOD SPEED DAVE from prorides
  5. No rain in the forcast.
  6. Dave was a great man and father he will be missed by all who knew him, truly sad news. Godspeed my friend Don
  7. Im there. Hoping for lottts o rain to drowned out quad dust! LOL Don 44s
  8. Ether you dad doesnt ride or he only rides harleys unless there is more to the story that we dont know, it dont make since to a dad? P.s. I have a old pair of thor size 8.5 if you want them.
  9. 661 defender 2. Very comfortable even with camel pack over it. Lots of protection!
  10. I wanted to so bad:foul:
  11. Had two cameras, three kids to take pictures But nooooo it was to cold they stayed in the motorhome 50 yards from the course and would not come out to take one stinking picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaarrrgggggggggggg
  12. Keep it as is, that way the Idiots stay on the flats around the lake and leave the good trails to the rest of us!
  13. Try a trade you agree to get A's do chores with out being asked to show you are responsible and find job's in the neighborhood to pay entry and maintenance cost AND MOST IMPORTANTLY RIDE RESPONSIBLY so you dont get hurt!!!!!!!!!!! :prof:Just a dads opinion:prof: Good luck
  14. It was great! Small class sizes, great course, varied terrain, NO DUST and wet sand. Well organised too. I LOVED IT! But I raced senior 1 Beg. Slowww poke class! :smirk: Don
  15. Sat night would be perfect but not too much I'm racing USDR in red mountain Sun.