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  1. trkfxer

    what year duel exhaust is this?

    really it doesnt choke a 50 hp crf why would it choke a 40 hp motor and i like the looks too maybe i am gay!!!
  2. trkfxer

    what year duel exhaust is this?

    that was nice!!!! thanks for the HELP!!!!!
  3. trkfxer

    what year duel exhaust is this?

    i am going to put on my XR650 supermoto i just need to know what year mufflers are so i can order promoto billet endcaps they have two part# one 2013/14 & 2015/16 tnks
  4. trkfxer

    what year duel exhaust is this?

    Promoto billet end caps has two part# one for 13/14 and one for 15 up I do not want to order the wrong ones thanks tom
  5. i got a duel exhaust for my 450 do not know the year i want to buy endcaps but do not know which year 2013 or 2015 what are the difference attachment=318984:IMG_1140.JPG]
  6. trkfxer

    fcr choke help

    I just did a fcr conversion on my burp thre problem I am haven is the choke. I can not use cable cause I have asv levers choke lever hits switches so I need choke knob on carb my choke plunger has needle on it the one I Bot does not will it work I found one online off cr 250 should I get it or use one without needle what does needle do? Thanks tom
  7. Hi guys I just did a fcr conversion on my burp I have the choke cable on the clutch perch I have asv levers and choke will not work it hits the switches what bike comes with choke knob that I could mount on bar clamp atv's drz? I don't know if I have room to put knob on curb?
  8. trkfxer

    vt 700/750 stator on xrl

    There are several on eBay I have a 03 xrl what years would work they are cheap !! want to try one
  9. trkfxer

    crf 2 pipe exhaust on xrl has anyone tryed

    I would love to see pic how did it run? sound?
  10. trkfxer

    crf 2 pipe exhaust on xrl has anyone tryed

    Nobody has ever tried?
  11. trkfxer

    vt 700/750 stator on xrl

    I read some ware that I can use vt700/750 stator on my 03 xrl has anyone done this I am looking to upgrade my lights thanks Tom
  12. I have a chance to get a set of pipes off 2014 crf450 twin pipes has anyone tried to install on there xrl? how hard would it be to install is it worth I?t I can get for cheep I think it would look good will have to relocate batt but I was going to do anyway any pics thanks Tom
  13. trkfxer

    xr650l chain roller conversion ?

    so I tried part number for swing arm sliders protectors could not come up with them in store! anyone find any poly ones in red that will work on my 03xrl I tried tm design works none I need to replace mine want something better than stock
  14. trkfxer

    xr600r header on a xr650l

    So I am looking for a upgrade on my xrl exhaust what years 600 headpipe are best to use thanks
  15. Well I order a carb off eBay for my 03 xrl said 06 crf250 checked is an 05 37mm my bike is stock motor, airbox mods, white brothers e exhaust I only ride on street I have a 450x for dirt has anyone used this carb on there bike? how did it run?