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  1. MotoXman

    Waiting on my Rekluse!!!!!!

    LVThumper, Thanks for passing that message on to dave. I am still debating on getting the rekluse or not. I have been doing motocross all year and am getting ready for the GP season to start. LVThumper, I sure would have liked to catch the Caliente GP this year. Is it still in July?
  2. MotoXman

    What Oil Do You Guys Use?

    I have used Rotella 15w-40 in all 3 of my bikes, My F350 Diesel, Lawnmower and my 87 Dodge raider with 214,000 miles on it for the last 4 years and just started using it it my 06 450F with no doubt it will do the job. I have read a lot of these oil threads with an open mind and feel good after reading them that i have been using the rotella for a long time now. Even Rekluse recomends using it in its auto clutch. I think the major thing is just to change it often is the biggest thing i have gotten from these oil threads and I can cheaply do that using rotella and still have piece of mind.
  3. MotoXman

    Rekluse ???

    Will the rekluse help in races with dead engine starts since 4 strokes do not seam to start in gear very easily?
  4. MotoXman

    Waiting on my Rekluse!!!!!!

    Thanks LV, Let me know how its starts in gear with the rekluse guys, compared to not having one in it at all.
  5. MotoXman

    Waiting on my Rekluse!!!!!!

    LVthumper, If you ever run into a dave wilson in the wildbunch tell him Lee from New Mexico says whats up. I ran Vegas to reno with dave in 96 and left vegas because i am in the military. He will know who you are talking about. We used to ride together sometimes 3 times a week. Anyway, another question I would realy like to know is if anyone can tell me that the rekluse lets the 4 strokes start in gear easier because dead engine starts do not seam to work out for me on the 4 strokes.
  6. MotoXman

    Waiting on my Rekluse!!!!!!

    Man I cant wait till LVthumper posts his results. LVThumper, do you live in vegas. If so do you do any of the MRAN races or Best in the Desert series?
  7. MotoXman

    Waiting on my Rekluse!!!!!!

    Sounds like fun. It just seams that the clutch can get you out of trouble sometimes and not having it might be hard to get used to? We should do a poll for the rekluse. Name it: To rekluse or not to rekluse. I am very interested in it though. Is most of the compression braking gone when you have one?
  8. MotoXman

    Waiting on my Rekluse!!!!!!

    Does anyone here ride motocross with the rekluse? If so how is the gate start work? Do you just leave it in second and gas it when the gate drops or what? I am kinda of interested in getting one of these. I also race off road GP`s and hare scrambles.
  9. MotoXman

    heavier springs?

    I got my 6.0 rear spring and .50`s fork springs in with pro 5wt silkolene fork oil installed tonight. I plan on riding it tommorow or next weekend so i`ll let you know how it feels without valving. We will see about the rebound on whether or not i can slow it down enough. I run it sort of fast on the rebound anyway. I run it enough to double or tripple the whoops at jakes 211 track in texas. If the rebound is too slow on this track it wont let me double the whoops and just wants to tap through them. Hopefully i am happy. If not i will just get the revalve.
  10. MotoXman

    heavier springs?

    aford541 How much do you weigh? I weigh 240lbs and just got a 6.0 rear and .50`s front. Hopefully this is the correct spring rate? I think the stock valving should be fine if I slow the rebound down a little to make up for the new rates. What do you think? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. MotoXman

    Your Guys Coolant Recipes

    I use EVANS NPG+ waterless coolant because I had a gallon leftover and use it in my F350 Powerstroke diesel. I have done one Grand Prix and around 15 rides or so and have not had a problem. I hope it doesnt make my bike run too much hotter. Does anyone know how much hotter my bike will run?
  12. MotoXman

    WTF...Black oil???

    I am just taking a stab at this but it sounds like it needs some new piston rings. This is my first four stroke. I have had 2 smokers since i was 5. Do a compression check on the bike to verify the rings are lettings burned gasses past the piston and into the crank case. The carbon from the burnt gasses could be dirtying the oil prematurely. Just my guess though.
  13. MotoXman

    06 yz 450 suspenion.

    Let us know how it rode now? I have an 06 YZ450f and want to do some work on the suspension also. I wiegh 240 with gear and the fron seems sprung way to soft for me.
  14. 7,386 OTD for special edition.
  15. MotoXman

    Waterless Coolant in 06 YZ450F

    The only way to tell if it is transferring enough heat i guess is to get thermal readings on the cylinder or something or the actual water temp under controled conditions. any suggestions. I was under the impression that it transfers heat better because it has no cavitation. The lower psi cap replacement is beacause it doesnt need the coolant system to be pressurised to raise the boiling point. As far as the other stuff like thermostat and radiator that seems strange so maybe youre right. I dont know.