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  1. Nevada Tom

    what is the gearing like on the 07 for trails

    I am running a 13 / 49 it will chug but still give you 70ish top end. I think it is a good comprimise.
  2. Nevada Tom

    Buying a thumper

    I have an 06 CRF 450R with about 100 hours on it, hard desert riding change the oil, and filter no issues at all and it really rips. Good luck it is really hard to get a bad bike but I think the CRF is great. TG
  3. Nevada Tom

    450x 4th And 5th In A R????

    I was wondering today if anyone knows if the gears in the X tranny are interchangeable? The reason I ask is I would like to get the top end speed from the 4th and 5th keeping my low end. I love my bike but about 20% of my riding is desert wide open at 70+ and I want more....
  4. Nevada Tom

    newbie...buying an '06

    Big deal... Break in warm it up and ride it like you stole it. If you dont you will probably have problems with the bike burning oil.
  5. Nevada Tom

    What would win?

    Put it this way race for pinks, if you loose give him your bike buy a gun drive into a lonly field and you fill in the blank.
  6. Nevada Tom

    suggestions for tall rider

    I am 6 foot 9 and got the srg tall seat, fastway pegs, BRP submount with pastrama bars and dont have any issues at all. Push the bar forward it will adjust the bike more to your highth while forcing you to ride more over your plate. Like anything when you are tall the bike or anything else in this world wasnt designed for you so we will never be able to ride like the 5'10 " 170lb supercross racer. But with these mods it will still work as good or better then anything else available because it is the best design out there. TG
  7. Nevada Tom

    scotts damper

    I have the BRP sub mount and it works great never had a problem and they are relatively cheap. I think you would find it money well spent. TG
  8. Nevada Tom

    WR450F vs. CRF450X

    2 cents I have an 05 WR 450 and a 06 CRF450R, I know that they are different bikes but here is the bottom line. If you are looking for a great trail bike that you can probably plate that is reliable and steady the WR is the best choice. If you want a bike that will be more of a racer with comp mods the Honda will at the end of the day beat the WR. The biggest hole in the Honda is it requires more matenence if you dont mind turning a wrench you would probably enjoy more as it is closer to a race bred bike then the WR. Again mine is an R but I never ride the WR any more in fact I am about to sell it. It has all the free mods, new titanium FMF pipe, quick shot AP, 51 tooth sprocket, oring chain, GPR stabilizer, DH1 tripple clamps and all the guards. It rips just not like the Honda. WR great bike very reliable VS Honda great bike a little faster more work if you are worried about going fast fast go red. If you want to ride be competive and never have down time wrenching go blue.
  9. I am looking to re-work my suspension on my bike, anyone know a good suspension guy in Reno or Carson City Nevada?????
  10. Nevada Tom

    Expanding Stock tank?

    I have the IMS and it works great I hardly notice a difference other then when I am 30 miles in and wondering if I have enough to get out
  11. Nevada Tom

    what year 450 is the best ??

    I am 6 food 9 inches tall and weigh about 270, I have an 06 lowered to peg mounts with fast away pegs, BRP sub mount Stabilizer with Pastrama pro taper bars. My bike is modified with a DMC Full Exhahaust, Quick Shot AP and a 13/49 gears. If he is riding a 250 he will feel like he just went from a plow horse to a race horse. Ergos on the bike are good with the mods and from everything I hear this is the most stable hardest running least amount of valve problems bike avialble to date. Go 06 he won't be disappointed
  12. Nevada Tom

    what tires hook up?

    Pirelli MT32 you wont be disappointed
  13. Nevada Tom

    looking at s crf450

    Quick shot AP and A DMC and maybe up or down a tooth depending on where you are riding and your skill level. Great bike there is some maitenence if you want a race horse you will have to treat it a little different the a plow horse. Translation if you want a trail bike that you will never have to turn a wrench on get a WR450, you want one a proven winner performance bike the CRF is the bike to choose.
  14. Nevada Tom

    oil filter

    Cant miss with Scotts it will pay for itself in a couple of changes. Free after that....
  15. Nevada Tom


    Congrads 1 more down and many more to go