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  1. kroutdog 711

    LONGEST jump

    I think I got 3' of air on my 450 once I was riding really good:applause:
  2. kroutdog 711

    300 dollars, How to spend it.

    yes send it t me
  3. kroutdog 711

    backfire screen

    the only thing that you will notice is that the bike will backfire and you probably don't want that why do you think they call it a backfire screen
  4. kroutdog 711

    Is the Kawasaki 450f bad ass

    Are the KX 450f really as bad ass as everyone says Iam thinking about getting one
  5. kroutdog 711

    arm pump

    how in the hell do you guys get rid of arm pump I think I tried everything and nothing works does anyone have any secrets
  6. kroutdog 711

    my poor bike

    did you piss on the dog
  7. kroutdog 711

    What To Buy

    I have been looking for a new bike for the past couple of months and I narrowed it down to 2 bikes aether a Honda 450 or a Kawasaki 405 I heard that they are both great bikes can someone help me choose I ride a lot of motocross and desert thanks a lot.
  8. kroutdog 711

    riding gear

    jersey and pants i like to run the thor core gear it is a little pricey but it is worth it
  9. kroutdog 711

    03 CRF450R Backfires

    Open your fuel screw
  10. kroutdog 711

    clutch PROBLEMS

    i have 2004 honda crf 450r the last time i changeed my trans oil i got peices of my clutch plates out with the oil it was the back 2 plates that has had the problems htis his happend twice has anyone else had that problem