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  1. Pizoozoo

    WR250 R/X Photo Gallery.........

    That is the drc phantom tail light kit. I mainly bought it for the fender extension piece. After using it for a while I found the LED tail light to be unacceptably dim. It's about as bright as an edge tail light. You can see it, but it does nothing to catch your attention in traffic. I have since modified the fender extension and installed a Whelen LIN3 LED module which is about the same size as the phantom LED but is orders of magnitude brighter than any tail light you will ever find. It's the kind of LED used on police cars and public safety vehicles. It required some electronics knowledge to wire it up because it's not designed to be used as a tail light but the effort was worth it. There is no way to explain how bright this light is, even during the day. I have been meaning to do a write up on it. I'll work on getting that done soon. -Piz
  2. Pizoozoo

    A little WR250R Poll.........

    31 here, and getting younger every day.
  3. Pizoozoo

    someone asked about studs

    Man that looks cold!
  4. Pizoozoo

    Rear running lights for $10

    Here's an update for anyone who wants to do this mod. Thanks to b-radley for making this wiring diagram of the Radio Shack relays I used.
  5. Pizoozoo

    Goals for 2009?

    I want to get more serious about preventive maintenance and riding skills than I have been in the past. Lately I've been going out to some open pavement and practicing maximum effort braking. I've also been doing various low speed maneuvers like 180's and figure 8's. I'm planning on taking my bike out of service for a couple months this winter and just taking the time to familiarize myself with it by doing all the service recommended in the book whether it's needed or not. I think half the fun of owning a motorcycle is working on it and the other half is riding it!
  6. Pizoozoo

    Rear running lights for $10

    I still can't see them... where are the blue ones?!
  7. Pizoozoo

    Rear running lights for $10

    The color of my rear amber runners is so saturated that they're arguably red-ish. What's worse; an amber-ish tail-light or red-ish runners?! I guess it could work in my defense if it ever need be!
  8. Pizoozoo

    Rear running lights for $10

    That's a bummer. Where in California do you live? Like I said, I have yet to be hassled for anything other than parking on the sidewalk. And I live in Monterey where the cops in the area have VERY little to do.
  9. Pizoozoo

    Rear running lights for $10

    You know, I had thought about this but I'm so happy with the way the tail section came out I don't want to mess with it unless I absolutely have to. I think the only way I would change it is if I could find some dual-color LED's that were similar in size and shape to the flush-mounts I have on there now. But considering what I came across while doing my research for the setup I have now I don't think that's likely.
  10. Pizoozoo

    WR250R Radiator Guard?

    I just e-mailed UnaBiker to see if they're working on any for the WR250R/X. I'll let you guys know what they say, if anything.
  11. Pizoozoo

    WR250R Radiator Guard?

    Bummer. This thing doesn't look like much more than an aluminum replacement for the plastic louvres. I was hoping it would be like the UnaBiker guards I used to have for my DRZ400. Those were beefy, wrapped all the way around the radiator and had 2 solid aluminum cross braces across the back. I used to drop that bike all the time and the radiators were always fine. They weren't much more than these things and that was for a pair! Hopefully they make some for the WR250R/X.
  12. Pizoozoo

    Rear running lights for $10

    Thanks. I appreciate the comments. The taillight is the UFO Phantom which I ordered from DennisKirk.com for $45 and the signals are the DRC MotoLED 586 which I ordered from LangstonRacing.com for $35. For now I'm running the stock signals up front but I will be replacing them with the DRC MotoLED 602 and since they are also 2 wire lights I'll be doing the identical relay mod to them. I'm also going to be installing a headlight modulator from kisantech.com. I want my bike to light up like a christmas tree!
  13. Pizoozoo

    WR250X/R Oil Filter and first oil change

    How does the quality of those HiProFiltro filters compare to the Yamaha ones? I'd consider trying some. BTW I use Valvoline 10w40 4-Stroke Motorcycle oil.
  14. Pizoozoo

    Rear running lights for $10

    I'm sure it's bound to happen sooner or later. But this is my third bike and every one of them has had SOMETHING illegal about them and I've never been pulled over. I think as long as I'm riding cool I should be fine, but give them a reason to pull me over and....... Besides, I pretty much wear ATGATT, a solid white helmet and a reflective safety vest so I think I appear to be a pretty responsible rider to LEO's. But then again, what do I know?