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  1. Will use George for the power up and I am following his break in procedure. Everyone who has seen the leak believes the cases need to be split to fix the problem. Have never seen this on a brand new motorcycle, &%$#@!?! Thanks for the advice.
  2. Orange County
  3. Purchased 2012 TE310 a couple of months ago, have 150 miles on it and center cases are leaking oil. Husky says I use any Husky service center to have it fixed. My question is:who should I use? Bike is stock, nothing removed or added.
  4. This is going to be a difficult decision. My gut tells me I'll be happier with the XCF but its 1K more and I'm still concerned about problems with the new engine.
  5. Its the 450xcf model. I've seen some posts regarding the problems with the new KTM motor, hard starting, timing chain adjuster, anything else? I'm leaning towards the Honda because of the price but am still concerned about their weight and reliability. Had a 426 bulletproof! Have an 05' MXC now, which i'm selling and really love it but its time for a new bike.
  6. I would really like an EC300 or a Beta 450 but can't afford either one. So I'm left with the above choices. I'm old, slow and cheap! Right now I've seen these advertised (new)for really good prices, the crfx being the most inexpensive. My concerns are weight, reliability and break down cost. Will be riding typical So. Cal terrain, Arrowhead, Kennedy Meadows, and some desert. Would like a green sticker but would try to work my way around that issue. Concerns: KTM repair cost and maintenance; Honda, they don't like to pay for warranty work(personal experience) and it seems that every mechanic I speak with, says they blow engines(valves)? They are heavy too! Yamaha, heavy. How difficult/expensive would it be to get the Yamaha or Honda down to fighting weight? Also, the truth on the crfx, bad motor? Any help, greatly appreciated.
  7. Does it have to be an SC grad?
  8. All I can say is when you're out of job and you have no health insurance, what are you going to do? I don't know the solution but I know screaming at people doesn't help the debate... Right now there are millions of people out of work, their are insured people whose insurance companies claim pre-existing conditions and refuse to pay for claims. Where are these people going to go and what are they going to do? Guess, they'll going to the county(government). We need a solution not rhetoric.
  9. Does anyone know a film maker? It would be interesting to document this whole process and for people to understand that we aren't a bunch of fanatics. Just regular people who feel that their sport is being unfairly targeted. Also, we will need to contact all the offroad groups but we should keep to just them, contacting other groups with other agendas could be more detrimental than helpful.
  10. Ok, thanks for the constructive criticism. Less Cali specific, more diplomatic, anything else? I'll work on it.
  11. Concerning the first draft, its not meant to be inflammatory but I do think we need to make a bold statement. Thanks for the constructive criticism. I realize it has to be diplomatic and general to get as many people on board as possible.
  12. The point is, if we are to get the party started, we need a statement, a declaration as to what we want as opposed to having someone tell us, what we get. The time to fight is now, not after, its my position that we need to be on the offensive, not join an organization who hires a lawyer who waits to respond to the next lawsuit. The yelling, whining and waiting has gotten us, wait, its coming: land closures, time we make the rules and see how they like it. DEMOCRACY IS COMING.... TO THE USA!
  13. Declaration We the people of the State Of California, who engage in motorized off road recreation will no longer accept, abide, obey land closures to off road vehicles in California’s Off Highway Vehicle Parks, Federal Forest and Bureau of Land Management lands. Closures to off road vehicle have been capricious, corrupt and without merit by those who have vested interests in keeping lands closed for public recreation. Section I California Off Road Vehicle Parks (OHV) Article 1: All monies owed to the California OHV fund either borrowed or stolen by the California State Legislature must be repaid immediately. Article 2: The administration of state run OHV parks will be handled by a commission of private citizens who are themselves off road vehicle enthusiast. a) Enforcement and implementation of rules of said parks will be the sole responsibility of the OHV commission. The purchase and opening of new OHV Parks will be handled by the OHV Commission. 1) All environmental reports will be out sourced by the OHV commission by a company of there choosing. 2) Any court challenges by outside groups will not stop the opening or closing of any new or existing OHV parks. Section II Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management Lands Article 1: All lands must be inventoried and provided to the public. Article 2: All Federal Forest and BLM land used for Off Road recreation will by stature be monitored by a private volunteer citizens group consisting entirely of Off Road Vehicle enthusiast. Each forest will have their own group. Article 3: Existing lands that are being used for Off Road Vehicle recreation cannot be closed by emergency order without the consent of the private volunteer citizens group. . Article 4: Lands, trails proposed for closure can only be closed with the consent of of the private volunteer citizens group. This what I have so far, suggestions, shorter, prettier, this not that? Also, my cut and paste skill aren't up to par.
  14. First things first, lets see if this can be pulled off. I will start on general statement (draft declaration) and post it after my head stops hurting. Take comments and go from there. Also, maybe if someone can put a "CALL FOR ACTION" post on some of the other forums, to garner support, that would be great.
  15. Also, this event could be big enough for national news. We should invite all the western state off road recreationist to get involved. Shame any off roader who doesn't attend!