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  1. joebiker996

    13 year old riding a 02' cr250

    I wondered if the post was a joke.. I had to laugh @ the idea of a 95# ,13 yr. old ridin' a Cr 250. I also wondered how he would start it.. Doubt you'd be able to kick it to start, & bet you couldn't bump start it . If you did get it started, first time it came on the pipe, (or he dialed in a little more gas than expected) all the reasons you shouldn't have bought it will become very obvious. (Does your Dad want you to get it so he can ride it.?) If he knows anything about dirtbikes, he should know you'd be way past your skill/experience level with that bike. Any 125cc 2 stoke of fairly recent vintage would also be excessive for your experience. As others suggested, try riding whatever bike you're thinking of purchasing ,before buying it..Not wanting to discourage you, but we've all seen what can happen to new riders getting started... Have Fun..Joebiker996
  2. joebiker996

    1st post - I Just Got a 400sm - A couple ?'s

    I 2nd Regalman's reply..I've bought most my riding apparel from "newenough.com " they have some real great deals in their "closeout" section.. and great people (riders!) to deal with..handle many lines of products and even a seperate website for off-road apparel. Check it out ! YMMV...my $.02 : ) joebiker996
  3. joebiker996

    Street Bikes

    Truer words were never spoken ...abs600fzrr ! I've see more wrecks from somewhat experienced riders who think, "It's only a 600.." New 600's put out over 120 h.p. in pkgs.that weight in the 400 # range, with some capable of running over 160mph, pure stock! Handling the h.p. 'cause your used to handling a "fast dirtbike" isn't the same as having the patience to deal with 60 year old greyhairs that pull out or turn in front of you. You'll hear "I didn't see him"...a lot. And sliding a bike on the dirt,mud & grass is a lot easier/less painful than on pavement.. I ride/have ridden both for 30+ years and the street is much more dangerous on any bike... You can be careful out there...and still have fun.. joebiker996.
  4. joebiker996

    Should I buy A DRZ 400

    I couldn't agree more ! ...oldman777 nailed it.. Things that make a great dirt bike (low weight,gearing,knobby tires) suck on the road @ hiway speeds (or gettin caught in the rain ,on pavment ,w/nobs) It can be done but isn't too safe/ or comfortable. Dual sports are a compromise for both (stret & dirt) and as such is "great" @ neither.. as he said "what is the mission, then buy the bike" As you get older (more affluent) your get to buy more specialized bikes.. Tourer, sport tourer, sportbikes, Cruiser or "Hog", Trail bike, MX'r, Supermoto etc... I gave up sayin "THIS IS MY LAST BIKE".. (now 9 bikes in garage s) I need to get rid of a few old ones,to get some newer ones! joebiker996.
  5. joebiker996

    Best place to get a new Battery ?

    Funny, I keep hearing how great AGM batteries are (from dealers) but the best bike wrench I know stopped selling the brand he carried in his shop as he told me they don't hold up any better (despite the hype & added cost) than the older style, lead plate batteries. He tried selling them as most of his customers are Harley performance types (high vibes) same problem as dirt bikes.They did not hold up well. HD has engine vibes,dirt bikes ,suspension vibes esp.if ridden hard off road.. : ) Frequent use of a trickle charger will definitely extend battery life! Just my 2 cents...joebiker 996
  6. joebiker996

    Changing forks on 400E to 400SM?

    Just a thought..If you use your DRZ in any off road settings, the Supermoto USD fork doesn't have a provision for protecting the FORK Seals from dirt(mud) like the boots on a E OR S model... you may be changing seals often if bikes in ridden in dirt much..(just a thought) ..Joebiker996
  7. joebiker996

    Good deal on rear travel bag

    Do you have a practice you you use to keep thr straps against the bag when on the rack to keep them from wrapping around the wheel or getting caught on brush,branches,etc..? Joebiker996.
  8. joebiker996

    best place for new tires?

    As other poster mentioned, it depends if you mount your own tires or have them done. DIY's can't beat some internet deals. I've found consistent low prices for my sportbikes @ Southwest Mototires: http://arizonamoto.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc? (don't know if they have dirt tires..) Some local bike shops will only mount tires they sell ,or charge more for mounting if you don't buy the tire from them. If you're buying to mount yourself, shop around on the internet..google m/c tires, look @ return policies and esp shipping costs. Dennis Kirk had a lowest price guarantee. Sometimes free shipping on a pair of tires from some dealers, will offset a lower price for the same tires when you add shipping. Shipping charges vary widely! Lastly, I'll add in the past few years I've bought a new back tire & got a new tire free (!) from manufacturers special internet deals.(cost $10 for shipping) Actually did this twice, once for Pirelli's (Stradas) and once from Avon.. (Venoms) learned of the time limited (or "first 500 orders ") limited offers from another website .. Hope this info helps..& Good Luck ! Joebiker996.
  9. joebiker996

    Question on rear spring weight

    I've been reading lots of posts, and even the "read- this -first" stickys and have not seen my question addressed, so am posting my first question(s). At what rider weight is a heavier rear spring required ? Can anyone make a suggestion for a correct spring weight for my current weight ? (260#) (which is bound to decrease when I get off my butt & start ridin off-road again.) Who makes a spring to accommodate my weight ? & where can it be purchased ? I recently bought a '03 KLX 400 to get back to dirt riding. Though my last serious dirt bike was a new (in '77) RM 370 B Suzi I used to ride in Anza-Borrego Desert & "Natural" tracks in San Diego Co. (N. of Miramar NAS) and off 117 (Beyer Blvd) in San Ysidro area. (Any posters from San Diego 'member those areas ?) It's been 10 or more yrs since any serious off-road riding and am ready to get back into it. I recognize the great strides made via the internet in information assimilation and have gathered much info on the sportbikes I've played within the past 10 yrs or so via bike specific sites. I am appreciative of the info available here and thank those who will be helpful in advance for their assistance... Joebiker996
  10. I was amazed that (years ago) while riding north of Miramar NAS (N.San Diego) on my '85 XL 350, I came across 2 "youngsters" on 125cc motocrossers (YZ's or Rm's) and we engaged in a dragrace. My XL with stock trials/universal tires smoked them both. They gave up after 3 tries...I was as suprised as they were... They couldn't believe this "old man" ( I was pbobably 27 or 28 y/o) smoked them 3 out of 3 times... Joebiker996
  11. joebiker996

    Which stroke is your fav, and why?

    Two stroke engines are lighter, have fewer parts, rev faster (seem to have more kick cause they rev faster) and spin their tires more. Four strokes "Thumpers", (having more internal engine parts) are heavier for the same cc size engine-compared to the 2 stroke. Thumpers usually carry more oil (to cool them) and as they rev slower, the tires hook up better, ie..less wheelspin. So, if you want a hard- hitting, wheel spinning, ride, that's as light as possible,ride a 2 stroke.Having owned several in the past,they are a kick to ride. If you like hill climbing, riding in mud & or deep sand,a four strokes ability to hook up the rear tire rather than spin it (due to time interval between power pulses) has some advantages. Depends on what you want With water cooled 2 strokes, & tighter piston to cylinder tolerances than air cooled 2 strokes, reliability is comparable between both types. As 2 strokes became more reliable, 4 strokes have become much more maintenance sensitive. New water cooled 4 strokes are almost as light as the 2 strokes. With light weight as a requirement for performance, now newer Thumpers carry less oil, (need more frequent changing ) and valve adjustments. My first "thumper "was Honda's first (1972) XL 250. I rode it everywhere while stationed in Japan . Around MX tracks (!), "toured" on it (to Shimoda,Tokyo, Mt.Fuji,) in the woods,sides of mountains,on beaches. For maintenance, I changed the oil occasionally.Think I put about 20 K kilometers on it in 2 years there, then rode it in San Diego till I sold it to my brother in law. I still enjoy riding a fast 2 stroke but I own Thumpers...Joebiker996.
  12. joebiker996

    Riding boots

    I have read that injuries to the feet & lower leg are the most common injuries in motorcycle riding. Street & dirt. Having broken my right ankle twice (in about 40 years of riding) my body supports this claim...Joebiker996
  13. joebiker996

    How many bike have you owned?

    "...my pride and joy 1978 Yamaha TT 500" I had my '79 Xt 500 for 13 yrs.& sold it to a friend who never rode it. It was ridden to college & back, in San Diego (SDSU), In the So.Ca. desert (esp. Anza-Borrego Desert state Park), all over Yosemite,then in Mi woods...a great bike..I miss it! Joebiker996.
  14. joebiker996

    How many bike have you owned?

    "Late 70's yamaha XT 500 4 stroke (a dinosaur compared to today's bikes)..." My '79 XT 500 was kept for 13 yrs, sold to a friend who hasn't put 100 miles on it since he bought it..was one of my favorite bikes of the 40 or so street & dirt bikes I've owned!...Joebiker996.
  15. joebiker996

    How many bike have you owned?

    "started in 1961 with a 500BSA" ... I remember those...I share your pain... got the blown out right knee to prove it..Joebiker996.