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  1. biker t

    Wr 200

    BRM thanks for writing back. Im sure you are right. I the past i rode a friends wr200 and hell it went very well. Will get one soon cheers.
  2. biker t

    Wr 200

    Could anyone possibly help me with my WR200 power valve set up proceedure. Have nice accelleration in 1st and 2nd, but tends to die off on top end. Thanks.
  3. biker t

    WR 200 shock replacement

    Hi, would like to know if a 2004 yz125 back monoshock can be used to replace a faulty WR200 back shock. Thanks:ride
  4. biker t

    WR200 suspension

    Thanks a lot for your imput. Think i will change my springs to a little stiffer and make finer adjustments. cheers.
  5. Hope ive chosen the right section for my post, but i have a wr200 and am loving it except jumping even a basic jump is not comfortable. Is it possible to have my suspension sorted out so it would be possible to do average size jumps. Using it for mx track. Long story but have now bought the bike and will have to stay put for approx. a year before new bike decision. Thanks in advance.
  6. biker t

    Bike not running right.

    check to see that he hasnt made the hole in the cage a little to large as it could be drawing to much air which will in turn bog the motor down.
  7. biker t

    I'm stumped-backfiring and cam chain noise

    Sorry glitch of the wrist. lol. Any way, very far out. Resized shims and replaced. Ran well after that Decided not to send head back as they took 3.5 weeks to do head originally and distance was to far.
  8. biker t

    I'm stumped-backfiring and cam chain noise

    sounds corney, but recheck shims as new valves are in. Had no end of problems with my KX250F when i put new s/steel valves in. Basically, the workshop technician did a bad sizing of the shims and trusting that all is well , i refitted the head and components. Was difficult to start and backfired quite badly. Decided to recheck shim gaps.
  9. biker t

    Bad Dad?

    Nice thought. He is going to wet himself. Bike looks tops. Just sold my Rmz 450. Big mistake.
  10. biker t

    I got a new bike

    bike looks in lioerly condition. i had the 03 4 stroke. loved it. eventually upgraded to Rmz 450.
  11. biker t

    Knocking sound in rear suspension...

    i have the 05, and mine doesnt do that
  12. once when i worked for a company, i went to the rest room and low and behold, in one of the cubicals there lay a wallet. This sucker was full of R1oo notes. guessing about R5000 rand. well, i recognised the wallet. it belonged to our mechanical chargehand. The only chance to rerurn the wallet was during lunch time. He was sitting at the table casually chatting when i walked up to him quietly and offered him his wallet back. He looked at me and said "F**k it, ive been looking for this all over. He put back in his back pocket, turned around and continued chatting. No thanks at all. Anyway the right thing to do was return it. Makes one feel good.
  13. biker t

    How the heck can I get my Grips off?

    slice down the length then use a hairdrier to soften glue then remove
  14. you do have a problem. a few things to check. is your water pump working:is there water in your oil: do you sit idling for long periods etc. possibly take the bike into a workshop and let them do a pressure test on the radiator. work from there.
  15. biker t

    I Have A Rather Odd Problem... I Need Help Bad!!!

    sorry, meant to say carb to the head.