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  1. so a seal goes on each side of the cover?
  2. I ordered 2 seals, from bikebandit.com there diagram showed 2 both. Both are the same diameter but one is thinner. The old one was completely shot so Im not sure how they go on. Do they both go on the outside of the cover?
  3. havent had time to work on it until today so anyway Im back at it. Do I need to pull the clutch cover to get the impeller out? I figure the impeller prolly has a snap ring or somthing holding it in. If this is the case what all is involved in pulling the clutch cover? Do i just undo the cable, pull the kick starter, pull the bolts and the cover will come off?
  4. I got it in this condition so I dont really know what kind of riding it is from.
  5. what about down around the water pump? If the seals around the waterpump go bad can water get into the trans? Also the coolant passage that is behind the water pump cover...does that have any seals that could go bad and cause a leak into the trans? thanks
  6. well I got the bike in this condition and I dont really want to run it like this.
  7. On my RM80 the transmission oil is getting mixed with water. Is it safe to assume I need to order a head gasket or are there any other ways for water to get in there?
  8. thanks anyway the guys at the local stealership told me its an 89.
  9. Im trying to figure out what year a certain rm80 is and the sticker is missing does anyone know how to get the year out of the vin number? thanks